PROdigii Digital Laser Module - Precise Control, Exceptional Stability

PROdigii digital laser module has been designed to deliver outstanding wavelength stability and thermal management in even the most challenging operating environments. The high-performance digital laser module can be controlled and monitored through a digital RS485 communication interface. The interface enables easy integration and provides in-service system function monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Compact, high performance, digital laser module
  • RS485 intelligent control and monitoring
  • Integral thermal management
  • Wavelengths: 520nm, 638nm, 660nm and 808nm
  • Uniform line, elliptical spot or diffractive patterns available
  • Output power up to 500mW (CW); 1W (pulsed)


Key Applications:

  • 3D measurement especially in high ambient light or temperature conditions
  • High precision alignment
  • Chemical and biomedical analysis
  • High speed automated inspection


PROdigii Features

In addition to the RS485 interface, PROdigii incorporates integral thermal management providing exceptional output wavelength stabilization and enhancing laser diode life through superior output power control and maintaining consistent power levels

Digital Laser Module Options

The digital laser module is available in a range of wavelengths from 520nm to 808nm with user-defined output power profiles at up to 500mW, continuous wave or 1W, pulsed, for high-speed, precise image capture.

The digital laser module can be configured as a uniform line generator for 3D measurement applications and with a focused elliptical output beam for analytical, spectroscopic or high-precision alignment applications. Diffractive pattern options are also available.


PROdigii Digital Laser Module Applications

The PROdigii digital laser module is an ideal solution for high-precision alignment, high-speed automated inspection, 3D measurement especially in high ambient light or temperature conditions, chemical and biomedical analysis and spectroscopy.

The compact, cylindrical form factor and custom mounting options make for straightforward incorporation into OEM products and machine vision systems.


PROdigii Digital Laser Module datasheet


Custom Solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in laser diode technology, ProPhotonix has the expertise to support you in developing the optimum laser module for your application. ProPhotonix can configure an existing laser to your specification or develop a completely custom solution to meet your specific application needs.


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