Easy to use, plug and play laser diode modules

ProPhotonix manufactures easy to use, plug and play laser diode modules for a wide range of laser applications such as laser lines for machine vision, industrial alignment applications, life science applications, scientific instrumentation and more. We have the ability to offer a solution tailored to your requirements and application. Laser diode modules are available in a wide variety of wavelengths, output powers, and beam shapes. Standard and custom-designed laser diode modules and laser diode assemblies are available with:

  • Wavelengths from 405nm to 830nm
  • High and low optical output powers from 0.9mW to 120mW
  • Circular, line, cross, or elliptical spot generating optics
  • CW, pulsed or TTL modulation options
  • Temperature stabilized (TE cooled) laser modules.

Explore our laser modules range:


3D Pro™ Lasers
Designed specifically for machine vision applications, this range of compact structured light lasers are easily integrated into any system. Adjustable focus available.





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3D PRO™ Laser Mini
At 10mm in diameter, the 3D PRO Laser Mini  is designed for applications where space is a key consideration






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Adjustable Focus 3D PRO Laser
A compact structured light laser for machine vision applications with an adjustable focus ideally suited to R&D.

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Industrial Laser Module
Designed and built for ease of use in tough industrial environments.





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Compact Laser Module
The compact laser diode modules are designed for applications where space is a key consideration







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CW Lasers
Continuous Wave (CW) Laser Modules deliver high performance in a complete package with dimensions of just 30 X 50 X 16mm2






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Nanosecond Pulsed Lasers
These compact, self-contained lasers offer high pulse energy and single-frequency operation







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Photon Laser Module
A complete solution for OEM use, photon modules are available in a range of wavelengths, powers and beam shapes.






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Wavelength Combiners
The MatchBox and the ARA series of wavelength combiner lasers each offering up to four independent wavelengths in a compact package.






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PROdigii Digital Laser Module

PROdigii digital laser module has been designed to deliver outstanding wavelength stability and thermal management in even the most challenging operating environments.


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Custom Laser Solutions

If standard laser diode modules don’t meet your specifications, ProPhotonix can develop a custom solution for you. With a team of optical, mechanical and electronic engineers and a design bank of over 1,500 designs, ProPhotonix is well positioned to design the optimum laser diode for your application.

For more information, visit:  Custom Laser Solutions


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