Compact, Bright and Uniform LED lights ensure that packaging is of the highest standards.

ProPhotonix LED lights are used by some of the world’s leading packaging manufacturers to ensure packaging is formed, filled, sealed, properly disinfected and labelled correctly. Our designs ensure ease of installation and our high quality manufacturing ensures reliable performance in the field.

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Packaging Inspection

Packaging, whether it is made of glass, plastic or metal can be inspected to detect surface flaws and ensure that dimensions are correct. Vision systems are often used to ensure that packaging is filled to the correct level and to verify that packages are sealed correctly. Labels can also be inspected to ensure the positioning of the label is correct and to verify the information on the label – critical in ensuring traceability.

Quality of Illumination

The brightness and uniformity of the light source are two critical factors in determining the accuracy and throughput of the packaging inspection process. High brightness and highly uniform light sources can lead to higher throughput and reduced costs. ProPhotonix provide some of the brightest, most uniform products available on the market and a number of our products are also suitable for strobing which can further increase the throughput of the system.

UVC Disinfection of Packaging Materials

UVC LED lamps provide a chemical-free solution to disinfect harmful germs from packaging materials. Using UVC light, bacteria, yeasts, and fungi are reduced up to 99.9999%, depending on the UV energy dose used. This process provides a fast and reliable method to ensure hygienic packaging.

Among other materials, UVC LEDs are effective in disinfecting food packaging materials and surfaces such as bags, sealing caps for jars and bottles, as well as food surfaces on fruit and vegetables, for example.

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Custom Solutions

ProPhotonix provide a range of off-the-shelf LED products ideally suited to packaging inspection. ProPhotonix can also provide custom solutions to suit specific application needs. This may be a custom wavelength or an entirely custom designed LED light. ProPhotonix can help you to achieve your ideal solution, working with you to understand every aspect of the application through design to manufacturing. Our aim is to achieve the optimal solution for your system, one that balances cost-effectiveness and reliable performance.

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