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  • UV LED Curing Systems

    Printing Case Study

    Custom UV LED curing system for direct-to-substrate UV LED printers.
  • LED Products

    Solar Simulator Case Study

    AAA rated LED-based solar simulator for PV fabrication
  • UV LED Curing Systems

    3D Printing of Electronics Case Study

    3D Printing
    Custom UV LED curing system for 3D printed electronics manufacture
  • Laser Modules

    Dental X-Ray digitization

    Dental Imaging
    Custom three-optical element laser module developed for dental x-ray digitization.
  • LED Products

    SWIR Hyperspectral imaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    COBRA HyperSpec SWIR LED lights for blister pack inspection.
  • LED Products

    Pharmaceutical Inspection

    A high-powered line illuminator enables moving from offline manual inspection to inline automated inspection in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Laser Modules

    Particle Analysis

    Custom Laser Module for Particulate Detection and Concentration Measurement
  • LED Products

    Multispectral Imaging in Currency Inspection

    COBRA MultiSpec with two types of white LEDs, and one infrared at 855nm for a currency inspection system.

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