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Patient-positioning is an increasingly important and valuable consideration in medical and dental instruments, particularly for imaging and radiotherapy. Patient-positioning systems are evident in extra-oral dental scanning instruments, CT scanners, MRI systems, PET scanners as well as other medical instruments.

Patient Alignment

Ensuring that instruments are well aligned with the patient helps to ensure high quality imaging, giving clearer information and ultimately helping to achieve swift and accurate diagnoses.

Patient-positioning systems typically use a laser module mounted alongside the imaging instruments, clearly showing where images will be taken and allowing the instruments and patient to align to get the best image. Usually a red (635nm) laser line or cross is used, to give a high level of visibility. In some cases a green laser module may be used because of the human eye’s sensitivity to green and the need for clarity when projected onto the skin of patients. Alignment of the laser beam with the body of the laser housing (bore-sighting) is critical to achieve a high level of accuracy for the positioning system.


Experience & Expertise

At ProPhotonix we have over two decades of experience in the design and the manufacture of laser systems and have supplied systems for a variety of different patient positioning applications. We can offer rugged, reliable laser modules with highly visible laser beams and bore-sighting on modules to <0.25°. ProPhotonix’ laser modules are designed and manufactured to achieve high optical efficiency, generating a bright laser beam within the laser safety classification. In addition, we can fine tune our lasers optically to provide a superior depth of focus allowing for differing working distances.

Our broad range of products and expertise in laser design helps us to tailor our modules to the requirements of your system. Robustness and reliability are two key considerations when deciding on a laser for patient alignment. If the lasers do not perform, a high-cost piece of equipment is not being fully utilized and patients aren’t being treated. All of our laser modules undergo significant product testing including ESD, vibrational, shock and thermal testing.


Patient Alignment Case Study


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