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UV LED Curing in the Print Industry

UV curing has long been the backbone of the printing industry, but technology is changing, and UV LED-based lamps are at the forefront of this transformation, bringing a multitude of advantages to the table. UV LED curing technology offers instant curing of UV inks, versatility of printable substrates as well as the fact that LED lamps are more environmentally friendly than traditional technologies. 

For over two decades, ProPhotonix has designed and manufactured LED lights in-house, which assures that our lamps have reliable, consistent performance. Our COBRA Cure UV LED Curing systems are tailored to meet a wide range of printing needs, offering customization options to suit specific application requirements. 

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Faster Printing Cycles

UV Curing Provides Instant Cure

UV curing is a transformative process, where the energy from UV light rapidly changes a liquid, specially formulated UV ink, into a solid. The moment the UV light touches the liquid, curing happens instantaneously, leaving a dry finish on the printed material. This brings multiple benefits: 

  • Increased production speed 
  • Elimination of ink smudging, which results in less scrapped material 
  • Ability to print with a raised or layered effect 
  • Sharper and more vibrant colors, as there is no time for the ink to be absorbed 
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A Sustainable Choice for a Safer Workplace

UV LED Lamps are Eco-Friendly

UV LED lamps have the advantage of being more environmentally friendly than traditional technologies, such as mercury lamps. This is due to inherent advantages of LED technology: 

  • No ozone emissions or mercury content 
  • No toxic fumes and no odor 
  • Lower energy consumption 
  • Significantly improved lifetimes 
  • Instant on/off functionality 

Download our whitepaper ‘Advantages of UV LED Curing Systems’ to learn more about the advantages of UV LED Curing versus traditional technologies for the curing of inks. 

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Highly Versatile Printing

Wide Range of Printable Substrates

UV LED printers are exceptionally versatile when it comes to the variety of printed materials they can handle. They can effortlessly print on both rigid and flexible substrates, whether coated or uncoated, including glass, metal, acrylic, and canvas. Their “cold cure” ability makes them ideal for heat-sensitive or thin substrates. Cured UV ink provides strong adhesion, leading to enhanced durability for various printing methods, including digital printing, UV inkjet printing, DTF (direct-to-film) printing, dry offset printing (waterless printing), narrow web printing, and more. 

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A Case Study

Direct-to-Substrate UV LED Printing

This case study details how a customer required a new design for their UV LED curing systems to replace UV lamps in its existing printers, one which would also be future-proofed for new models. ProPhotonix worked closely with the customer to design a bespoke, price-competitive UV LED curing system with major efficiency gains and reduced production time. 

ProPhotonix designs and manufactures the COBRA Cure™ FX Series of UV LED Curing Lamps for UV curing, pinning, and 3D printing applications. We also offer Custom UV LED curing lamp systems for a wide range of industries including adhesives, printing, and coatings. 

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Custom UV LED Printing Solutions Tailored for You

ProPhotonix engineers designed the COBRA Cure FX Series to deliver optimal UV curing within the printing industry. These lamps have unique patented features that ensure a reliable and consistent cure every time. The COBRA Cure lights are highly configurable, offering numerous mechanical, optical, and electronic options. If the standard configuration does not fit the needs of your application, we can also support you in designing a custom UV LED curing lamp to address your specific print requirements. 

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