Lasers and UV LEDs Power the Future of Additive Manufacturing

Revolutionizing 3D Printing with Precision

3D Printing has come a long way since being developed in the 1980s. From rapid prototyping to printing rocket components, there are a myriad of potential applications for 3D printing. A UV light source, such as a laser or a UV LED lamp, is used to cure resin and transform it to the desired shape.  

With over two decades of experience, ProPhotonix has delivered more than 50,000 laser diode modules for use in 3D printers and our UV LED Curing systems are capable of 3D printing industrial grade materials. Our in-house manufacturing and design facility offer custom 3D printing solutions for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, medical, automotive, aerospace, robotics and many more. 

Elevate the Quality of your 3D Printed Models

UV LED Lamps for 3D Printing

UV LED lamps have become the cornerstone of modern 3D printing, enabling precision, energy efficiency, and fast curing. ProPhotonix’s expertise and dedication to delivering top-tier UV LED solutions make us the ideal partner for your 3D printing applications. Offering stable, reliable curing over a long lifetime, these UV LED lamps are ideal for different applications involving 3D printing 

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Precision at the Heart of 3D Printing

Laser 3D Printing

One of the most revolutionary 3D printing technologies that relies heavily on laser modules is Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). The laser’s intense energy source selectively sinters the material, creating solid, high-quality parts with intricate geometries. To bring intricate designs and complex structures to life, laser modules must perform with unwavering repeatability and reliability. ProPhotonix’s laser diode modules are designed to meet the rigorous demands of 3D printing applications. 

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A Case Study

Laser Diode Modules for 3D Printing

Over the last two decades, ProPhotonix has developed strong relationships with leading 3D printer and scanner manufacturers worldwide due to the company’s comprehensive cost-effective laser module offering. To learn more about ProPhotonix expertise in 3D printing applications, download this case study about specifying a laser module for 3D printing applications. 

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Custom Solutions for 3D Printing

Our in-house manufacturing and design facility allows us to offer custom laser solutions and customized UV LED curing solutions tailored to your specific 3D printing needs. Whether you’re working with polymers, metals, ceramics, or other materials, our lighting solutions can help meet the unique demands of your 3D printing process. With our extensive experience, we are proud to offer a range of options that can be readily deployed, easily customized, or specifically designed to cater to 3D printing-specific requirements of every customer. 

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