OEM LED Solutions

To create our custom LED Solutions, our in-house team of optical, electronic and mechanical engineers begin with the LED chip in its most fundamental form and work with you to design a complete lighting solution specifically for your application.

With over two decades of experience in designing OEM solutions for specific applications, we understand that you need the most appropriate solution – fast. Our expertise and experience mean that we can rapidly deliver the most precise, efficient and cost-effective LED Light for your application, ensuring that you get the maximum performance from your system.

Custom LED Solutions by Prophotonix
custom LED solutions

Compact, High Intensity, Uniform Solutions

At ProPhotonix, we utilize Chip-on-Board LED technology to create compact, high intensity and uniform LED Light sources. We design and manufacture products, from intricate LED arrays to complex turnkey solutions, integrating custom optics, electronics, mechanics and software to provide the best possible solution.

Our expertise in thermal management allows us to drive LED chips harder, maximizing light output without degrading the lifetime of your product. Our comprehensive LED experience has enabled us to develop unique capabilities and proprietary thermal management techniques.



ProPhotonix’ strengths in Chip-on-Board LED technology allow us to offer the widest range of wavelengths available on the market. We specialize in creating custom LED solutions that utilize multiple wavelengths or non-visible wavelengths such as UV and IR solutions.

The strength of our relationships with LED suppliers means that we are always up-to-date with the latest in LED technology and can source LED chips at competitive prices.


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