Custom LED Solutions

Innovative Lighting Solutions Tailored to Your Application

Custom LED Lighting Solutions

Many machine vision, medical, and security applications today need high-performance LED lighting optimized to handle diverse requirements such as multiple wavelengths or light emission profiles, high intensity, challenging environmental conditions, and other unique application requirements. To meet these challenging specifications without sacrificing performance, a custom lighting solution built to address the unique optical, mechanical, and electronic requirements is often necessary.

This is where the multidisciplinary team of LED system experts at ProPhotonix can step in. Our team can partner with your organization to design and develop an optimized custom LED solution that will give you a competitive edge through increased functionality, improved quality, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

Our design and development process offers customers a unique combination of technology expertise, proven engineering experience and a commitment to quality. With this approach, we consistently design and manufacture high-performance LED lighting solutions produced to the highest quality standards and optimized to meet your commercial as well as your technical requirements.

Leading-Edge Technology

With decades of proven experience in COB LED technology implementation, ProPhotonix leads the way in developing LED lighting solutions with high density arrays. Our COB-based solutions offer extreme brightness and superior uniformity compared to competitor solutions built with other technologies. With expertise in thermal management, we can keep the LED chips cool, maximizing light output without degrading the lifetime of your product. Additionally, our strength in working with COB technology allows us to offer very specific wavelengths not available in standard LED products and we can develop superior multi-wavelength solutions when required.

Our in-house expertise allows us to integrate custom optics, electronics, mechanics, and software to create illumination solutions that will position you at the forefront of your industry. We achieve this by configuring the optimum solution for the space available while also meeting your communications and control requirements and delivering on your exact optical requirements for any design from intricate LED arrays to more complex turnkey solutions.


Proven Engineering Experience

With more than 25 years’ experience designing custom LED solutions for a wide variety of applications, we know you need the best possible solution, in the shortest possible time. With our expertise in mechanical, optical, electronic, and software engineering, our team of experienced engineers can partner with you to tackle even the most challenging illumination requirements. Beyond the design phase, we control our entire manufacturing process at our in-house ISO-certified manufacturing facility. This means we have the flexibility to produce highly complex products in both low- and high-volume production runs while adhering to the highest industry standards.

With this combination of engineering expertise and manufacturing experience, we can rapidly deliver custom lighting solutions with the features you need, from multispectral illumination to exceptional strobe control to intuitive interfaces, just to name a few. Our expertise becomes your expertise to develop the most precise, efficient, and cost-effective LED lighting solution to meet the specific needs of each unique application we see.


A Better Partnership Approach

When off-the-shelf LED solutions cannot meet your illumination needs, you don’t just need a supplier that can tweak an existing product to create a “good enough” solution. Instead, you need a highly skilled team that will partner with you from specification development to postproduction to create a custom solution tailored to your specific needs and budget. At ProPhotonix, our engineers achieve this by partnering with customers to define, refine, develop, and produce the right LED solution for your unique application – all in house. We start the design process by working together to fully understand your requirements. Then, our team works through an iterative design and development process in partnership with you to ensure the correct specification is developed.

Our partnership doesn’t stop when your product ships. Instead, we provide responsive support throughout production and beyond and aim to form a long-term relationship with customers that includes progressive generations of products. We also carry our partnership approach into how we work with our suppliers. As a result of the strong relationships we’ve formed with suppliers, we are always up to date with the latest LED technologies, can source LED chips at competitive prices, and deliver prototypes quickly.


Quality Solutions Built to Last

Whether you need a custom-engineered LED solution for a machine vision system, a medical imaging application, a semiconductor solution, or a license plate recognition system, you need a solution that will function reliably for the life of the system. At ProPhotonix we understand the importance of delivering high-quality illumination solutions. We have extensive quality control measures in place at our ISO-certified manufacturing facility in Cork, Ireland, ensuring your custom solution will perform reliably over its lifetime.

By committing to rigorous quality standards, maintaining excellent relationships with our suppliers, and controlling our manufacturing processes from start to finish,  we provide custom lighting solutions that are built to last. As a result, our customers can be confident that their illumination solution investment will not only maximize performance, but it will ultimately improve quality, increase productivity, and reduce costs.


How We Work



    • ProPhotonix works with customers to identify requirements, objective and scope of project.


    • Optical, Mechanical and Electronic engineers collaborate to formulate solution and develop “proof of concept”
    • Customer agrees to “proof of concept”


    • ProPhotonix designs prototype and consults with suppliers to meet agreed milestones
    • Customer evaluates prototype providing feedback to ProPhotonix


    • ProPhotonix defines and documents the production process
    • Customer qualifies pre-production product


    • New product is manufactured
    • ProPhotonix continually revisits processes for improvement
    • ProPhotonix provides ongoing technical support

Custom LED Solutions

To create application-specific custom LED Solutions, our in-house team of optical, electronic, and mechanical engineers builds solutions around the LED chip in its most fundamental form. Learn more about our process and how we work with customers to design comprehensive, reliable lighting solutions to meet even the most challenging illumination requirements by downloading our Custom LED Solutions brochure.


Case Studies

  • Custom Infrared Backlight for Bottle Inspection

    A custom LED solution for the world's largest glass container manufacturer.

  • ANPR

    IR LED Spotlights provide illumination for Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for NDI Recognition Systems

  • Glass Bottle Inspection

    A Custom LED solution makes high-volume glass bottle inspections feasible.

  • 3D Dental Imaging

    A high-density, compact, LED package enables 3D dental imaging.

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