OEM Laser Modules

Custom Laser Solutions Tailored to Your Application

Custom OEM Laser Modules

From industrial to medical and dental, to scientific and 3D printing, many applications today need high-quality precision laser modules to perform a variety of tasks ranging from alignment and guidance to 3D measurement and analysis. Due to the unique nature of each application, not all system requirements can be met using an off-the-shelf laser solution. For these instances, the ProPhotonix team partners with customers to design and manufacture custom laser diode-based solutions that address challenging application-specific requirements for wavelength, beam properties, output power, lifetime, form factor, and others.

As a laser diode distributor and a laser integrator with in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we offer customers a unique combination of design expertise, strong supplier partnerships, and ongoing engineer-to-engineer support. Additionally, with more than 25 years’ experience developing OEM laser solutions, we accelerate time to market by leveraging our extensive “design bank.” We also utilize our well-established relationships with engineers and R&D staff at the major laser diode manufacturers to gain early access to new technologies. As a result, we offer our customers a competitive edge by delivering reliable, high-quality, cost-effective OEM laser modules fast.

Leading-Edge Technology

With our unique combination of technology expertise and established vendor relationships, we are well-positioned to develop the optimal custom laser module tailored to your application needs using the latest laser diodes, lenses, drive electronics, and module housings. More specifically, as a distributor and integrator of laser diodes for the past 25 years, we source and stock the latest diodes with a wide range of wavelengths and power outputs from multiple high-quality manufacturers.

Additionally, our multi-disciplinary team of engineers has a thorough understanding of laser diode technology and the optical, mechanical, electronic, and software design techniques that optimize the performance of our custom laser modules. As a result, we can customize drive electronics to take advantage of newer more advanced technologies for implementing digital control and monitoring features that can extend the life of your laser modules. Or we can incorporate the latest thermoelectric cooling techniques to help ensure stability and consistent performance. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest technologies available to enhance our solutions and ultimately provide optimal results for your applications.


Proven Engineering Experience

Producing precise targeted laser beams is a complex process that requires optical, electronic, and mechanical engineering expertise because it’s not enough to just engineer a solution that works. Instead, a laser module needs to be optimized so that it can integrate seamlessly into your system and consistently achieve the specified performance for the designated lifetime of the application while also increasing overall system efficiency. After successfully developing thousands of OEM laser module solutions over the past 25 years, our multi-disciplinary team of engineers has the skills necessary to create custom laser modules designed to optimize performance based on the operational environment and application-specific requirements.

With more than 25 years’ experience working on laser applications, our engineers can draw on our depth of knowledge to accelerate the design and development process in multiple ways. First, we have extensive experience working with industry-standard design tools to model and subsequently prototype the best optical system for your application-specific needs – all in house. We also have the mechanical and electrical expertise needed to balance performance, safety requirements, lifetime, and cost to achieve specified output power and create thermally stable modules. We also leverage the extensive design bank of printed circuit boards (PCBs) we maintain to bring each product to market in the shortest time. Simply put, our depth and breadth of experience in all aspects of laser module design and development and the readiness of a multi-disciplinary engineering team, we can quickly and cost-effectively develop both low- and high-volume OEM laser modules for a variety of industries and applications.


A Better Partnership Approach

Our ability to successfully and cost-effectively design and manufacture OEM laser modules stems from the partnerships our laser design and manufacturing teams establish with both our customers and our suppliers of key components such as laser diodes and lenses. Our application-centered design approach is based on forging strong customer relationships during the design process that help us understand the unique environmental and application-specific needs of each customer. Then, our team use the relationships we have spent more than two decades building with engineers and R&D staff at many high-quality laser diode manufacturers. As a result, we can offer customers unique benefits such as early access to new laser diodes and more detailed technical information on specific laser diode performance aspects to select the best diode to meet your application needs. And after decades of working with our suppliers, we know we can depend on each of them to uphold delivery commitments, which means we can stick to our timelines.

Finally, we don’t let our customer partnerships end when their product ships. We aim to form long-term relationships with customers that include responsive technical support throughout production and beyond, and often progressive generations of products. The strong customer and supplier partnerships we form result in our ability to efficiently develop custom laser modules optimized to meet application-specific needs, on budget and on time.


Quality Solutions Built to Last

Whether we are producing a high or low volume run of an OEM laser solution, we want to be sure our modules are built to function reliably for their entire lifetime. Therefore, we manufacture all our custom laser modules in house using our well-established manufacturing processes and procedures. At our ISO-certified laser assembly and test facility, we have a robust quality management system in place, which means we can ensure our laser modules are consistently manufactured to the highest quality standards with appropriate in-process and final inspection procedures. We also have a team of knowledgeable and responsive support engineers readily available. From delivering comprehensive technical documentation to support your training, to being available for technical support once a solution is deployed, we offer direct customer access to our engineering staff.

By committing to rigorous quality standards, maintaining excellent relationships with our suppliers, controlling our manufacturing processes from start to finish, and making our engineer staff available to answer your technical questions, we are confident we will consistently provide custom laser modules that are built to last.


How We Work



    • ProPhotonix works with customers to identify requirements, objective and scope of project.


    • Optical, Mechanical and Electronic engineers collaborate to formulate solution and develop “proof of concept”
    • Customer agrees to “proof of concept”


    • ProPhotonix designs prototype and consults with suppliers to meet agreed milestones
    • Customer evaluates prototype providing feedback to ProPhotonix


    • ProPhotonix defines and documents the production process
    • Customer qualifies pre-production product


    • New product is manufactured
    • ProPhotonix continually revisits processes for improvement
    • ProPhotonix provides ongoing technical support

Custom Laser Solutions Brochure

Today, laser modules address requirements for a much broader range of applications than ever before. Due to the unique nature of each application, not all system requirements are best addressed with an off-the-shelf laser solution. This brochure details how you can depend on the extensive experience of the ProPhotonix engineering team to design and manufacture the optimal custom laser module that will ensure you meet your targets.


Case Studies

  • Patient Alignment

    We design and manufacture custom laser modules for some of the world's leading healthcare equipment manufacturers for use in CT and PET scanners, MRI systems, and intraoral scanners.

  • Optical Sorting

    A variety of stable, cost-effective laser modules developed for the inspection of different food products.

  • Laser beam illuminates locomotive wheel

    Rail Wheel Inspection

    A custom, high performance PROdigii laser was designed to provide a high quality, uniform laser for rail wheel inspection.

  • Machine Vision in Order Fulfillment

    A custom, compact, robust 808nm laser module designed and manufactured for a robotic guidance application.

New Whitepaper

How Customized Laser Diode Modules add value across your applications

There are many specification parameters to consider when specifying a laser module and compromises may be required with an off-the-shelf solution. With a custom laser solution, no compromise is required, and specifiers can benefit from better performance, lower complexity, and often a more cost-effective solution.

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Laser FAQs

  • What is a laser module?

    A laser module incorporates a laser diode, one or more lenses, drive electronics, and module housing. ProPhotonix designs and manufacturers all our laser modules in house giving you total control over the functionality and offers a wide range of customizations. This allows for designing a truly optimized high performance laser for your application.

  • What wavelengths are available in laser modules?

    ProPhotonix offers a wide variety of wavelengths from 405nm to 1500nm with a maximum output power up to 2W.

  • What beam shapes are available in laser modules?

    There are various beam shapes available including circular and elliptical spot, Gaussian and uniform lines, as well as optical patterns. This allows for a truly customized laser solution for your business.

  • Why use a digital interface?

    Our digital laser modules  offer more control over operational commands if your application requires it e.g output power and pulse conditions. Our digital interface is a simple and user-friendly way of controlling and monitoring the performance of your laser module.

  • How do you ensure maximum lifetime from a laser module?

    Laser diodes generate heat in the process of emitting light. Typically, 10-30% of the power used to generate heat is converted to light, the rest is wasted as heat. This heat ends up warming the laser diode, the module, the optics and surrounding housing. We can manage the heat through a thermal pathway which allows the heat to flow away from the laser diode.  Read more about how we ensure efficient thermal management in our laser modules here.

  • How does ProPhotonix develop custom laser modules?

    The process starts with your requirements. Our engineers will collaborate with your engineering team to decide on the exact specifications required. Next, we develop a prototype with our in-house specialists and leverage their optics, electronics, thermal, software and mechanical expertise. We work through feedback you may have on the prototype and move onto the production stage. The process is highly collaborative from end to end. We like to think of it as an integrated partnership that is ongoing, and doesn’t come to an end once the product is delivered. We will work with you to ensure optimal performance throughout the life of the product.

  • Can the laser be pulsed?

    Yes, but the maximum CW power should be observed