Custom lasers to meet your specification

Today, laser modules address a much broader range of applications than ever before. Due to the unique nature of each application, not all system requirements are best addressed with an off-the-shelf laser solution.

If our configurable laser diode modules don’t meet your application requirements, ProPhotonix has a team of optical, electronic and mechanical engineers who can work with you to rapidly develop a prototype. Our strong partnerships with leading laser diode manufacturers, along with 1,500 strong design bank and in-house manufacturing capabilities mean that we can deliver prototypes faster.

Once we have your approval, we can manufacture high or low volume cost-effective custom laser modules in our ISO certified UK manufacturing facility.

For more than two decades, ProPhotonix has worked closely with OEM customers to design and manufacture laser diode-based solutions for their specific application needs. When you work with ProPhotonix, you will have our extensive expertise and experience at your disposal to help you meet your targets.


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