Custom compact fiber coupled laser diode modules providing excellent stability

ProPhotonix has designed compact fiber-coupled laser diode modules offering an ideal solution for applications such as DNA sequencing, particle analysis, flow cytometry, particle analysis, medical imaging, inspection and metrology.

Fiber coupled laser diode modules
fiber coupled laser diode modules

With more than two decades of experience in photonics, ProPhotonix is the ideal partner to develop your custom fiber coupled laser diode module. We offer systems that are:

  • Compact and Robust
  • Highly optically efficient and stable
  • Designed to maximize lifetime
  • Available with optical output tailored to your needs


Access to the latest in Laser Diode Technology

As a laser diode distributer, ProPhotonix has unique access to a wide array of laser diodes to meet your needs. In addition, ProPhotonix works directly with the engineering and R&D teams of premium laser diode manufacturers to gain early access to new diodes released to market.


Robust Solutions

All our fiber-coupled laser modules are designed to maximize optical efficiency and lifetime by reducing the optical components susceptibility to environmental conditions.

Maximum efficiency with output tailored to your needs

ProPhotonix can design and manufacture a fiber coupled laser diode module offering stable power over time due to precision alignment of optics and laser diode. We have experience of producing fiber coupled laser diode modules with single mode fiber and diffraction limited output beam for superior beam quality.

Options available include 3mm down to 9µm protective jacket options with standard connector (ST, FC, LC) options, or output collimator with factory set beam size (collimated or focued). ProPhotonix can design a laser to suit your application with wavelengths including 405nm, 488nm, 520nm, 635nm, 639nm, 780nm and 830nm. Electronic options include standard (CW) and digital modulation.


In-house team of optical, mechanical & electronic engineers

Our in-house mechanical engineers can custom design a fiber-coupled laser module to maximize optical efficiency. Modules have been designed with or without integrated drive electronics. ProPhotonix have the ability to provide a suitable electronic board from its own design bank or our experienced team of electronic engineers will design a custom board to meet your specific needs.


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