High-quality Lasers Optimized for Particle Analysis

ProPhotonix offers a wide range of laser products and customization options to meet your particle detection and analysis needs. From detecting smoke particles to characterizing pharmaceutical powders, we can offer you both products and expertise you can depend on.

Whether counting particles in a given environment or measuring the size of those particles, we have the experience and know-how to provide high-quality laser modules for OEMs in industrial, medical, and scientific markets.

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Precision in laser beams’ size and shape

When a laser beam is directed through the air or liquid medium in which particles are suspended, depending on the application, it interacts with the particles that are being detected or measured. And depending on the beam size and shape, and on the characteristics of the particles, it will interact with the particles or be scattered by them at specific angles.  At ProPhotonix, we offer configurable laser solutions to meet your needs.  Alternatively, we will work with you to supply a laser beam that is exactly the size and shape you require – carefully designed and manufactured to deliver precise results.  Imprecise laser solutions will deliver suboptimal results.

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Exactness in wavelength and power level

Different wavelengths operating at various optical powers will interact differently depending on the size of the particle in your application or process. Shorter wavelengths are better for measuring very small particles and longer wavelengths are suitable for measuring larger particles. For example, air quality testing must identify the very smallest particles as those are most damaging to the lungs. All ProPhotonix products are available in a number of different wavelengths, and where required, we can work with you to design and deliver a laser with wavelength and power precisely tailored to your application needs.

Reliability in performance and endurance

No matter what role our laser product plays in your system, reliability and performance are key considerations. In a laboratory environment, for example, lab equipment must be maintained and carefully calibrated. A reliable laser with stable output will ensure that the need for this process is minimized. In more heavy-industrial environments where the lasers may be difficult to reach, replacing them can be challenging, dangerous, and very inefficient when downtime is taken into account. All our laser products have been designed and built with performance and reliability in mind, helping you maximize resource utilization and minimize costs.

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Design Excellence drives Ease of installation

We machine the mechanical components for our laser module products in-house. This means we design the mechanical form of the product to make it very quick and easy to install without needing additional design work by you and your team. So instead of you having to redesign to match our product, we are delivering a solution to meet your needs. We have an in-depth understanding of a range of particle analysis applications and can work with you to provide design expertise and advice to the highest standards.

Laser Products for Particle Analysis Applications

  • Photon Lasers

    A complete solution for OEM use, photon modules are available in a range of wavelengths, powers, and beam shapes. With its compact form-factor and high-reliability levels, Photon laser modules are ideal for a range of particle analysis applications.

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  • PROdigii Digital Laser Module

    The PROdigii digital laser module has been designed to deliver outstanding wavelength stability and thermal management. When combined with its digital control and monitoring capabilities, this ensures a high-performance solution for particle analysis applications.

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Customized Solutions to Offer Maximum Performance

While our off-the shelf laser products will solve many specific problems or serve particular purposes for you, it is our ability to customize and tailor our product range that sets us apart from the competition.  From the start, we take the time to understand precise requirements before designing and delivering a solution that will meet your application needs.

With a focus on cost-effectiveness and a commitment to technical excellence, we will design and tailor as much as is required. For example, we can provide exactly the right wavelength with precisely the right output power and ensure your laser module is mechanically refined to fit into your system.

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Particle Analysis Case Study- ProPhotonix

Case Study

Particle Analysis

ProPhotonix’s customer required a laser to be incorporated into a forward-scattering particle measurement system to monitor emissions from flue stacks in industrial environments, including cement works, power plants, waste incinerators, petrochemical plants etc. A consistent beam in terms of size, shape, depth of focus, and optical output power is key when developing a laser for this type of application.

Learn how ProPhotonix developed a custom laser module for this application in our case study.

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