Designed and built for ease of use in Industrial environments.

The robust Industrial Laser Modules are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh conditions and satisfy rigorous industrial applications. This RoHS compliant industrial laser modules range has been specifically designed to meet the needs of industrial OEM applications.

Download Fixed Focus Laser DatasheetDownload Adjustable Focus Laser Datasheet

Key Features:

  • Now available in UV (375nm)
  • Elliptical beam, line, cross, and diffractive optics available
  • Available in wavelengths from 375nm to 830nm
  • Optical output powers from 0.9mW to 30mW
  • Robust, reliable, and compact design
  • Excellent bore-sighting <0.25 ° off axis
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire window protects lens
  • Also available with an adjustable focus

Key Applications:

  • Industrial alignment
  • Industrial positioning
  • Guidance systems
  • UV curing
  • Particle analysis
  • Analytical applications

High Performance, Robust and Durable

ProPhotonix’ Industrial Laser Modules offer high performance in a robust, durable, and reliable package. Their compact, durable design coupled with their high performance makes them an ideal solution for industrial alignment applications, industrial positioning, and guidance systems across a broad range of industries.

Laser Line Precision

Industrial Laser Line generators are available with either 45°, 60° or 90° full fan angle line and cross generating optics generate an accurate 70° full angle cross. The lens system produces a Gaussian intensity laser line that offers straight-line precision without bowing. The beam is aligned to <0.25 ° of the mechanical axis of the laser. Diffractive optics are also available. Industrial laser modules are available with power levels up to 30mW. Higher power levels (up to 100mW) may be available on request.

New UV Industrial Laser Module

ProPhotonix has recently added new UV Industrial Laser modules at 375nm. With a diameter of just 19mm, these compact, robust laser modules offer excellent boresighting (<0.25° off-axis) and provide an ideal solution for applications from UV curing and 3D printing to analytical applications such as particle analysis.

In UV curing applications, UV lasers offer precise curing of small areas and are ideal for applications where surrounding areas or components may be susceptible to damage from UV radiation. In 3D printing applications, 375nm lasers can enable higher speed and higher resolution printing. Particle analysis applications can benefit from UV lasers as the shorter wavelength enables the detection of smaller particles.

UV Industrial Lasers are available with a range of optics to suit your application needs and with a fixed or adjustable focus.

To learn more about the robust and reliable 375nm Industrial laser module, download the datasheets.

Download Fixed Focus DatasheetDownload Adjustable Focus Datasheet

Laser Diode Modules with Adjustable Focus

The Adjustable Focus Industrial Laser Diode Modules offer a user-adjustable focus for increased flexibility. Like the non-adjustable laser, it has been designed as a complete laser solution for alignment and positioning applications in industrial environments. It provides an ideal solution for use in guidance systems for robotic equipment.

A DC Jack can be built into the modules. Power supplies and mounts are also available.

Download Fixed Focus Laser DatasheetDownload Adjustable Focus Laser Datasheet

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