Complete laser module solution for OEM applications

The Photon laser diode module range has been designed as a compact and self-contained laser module. It is available in a wide range of optical outputs, wavelengths and power levels, making it suitable for a broad range of applications.

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Key Features:

  • Now Available in 375nm
  • Available wavelengths include 375nm, 405nm, 488nm, 520nm, 635nm and 830nm
  • Elliptical and circular beam, line generating and diffractive optics available
  • Reliable, Compact & self-contained design
  • High reliability
  • Adjustable optics and enhanced boresight options
  • Optical output powers from 0.9mW to 85mW
  • CW or TTL modulation options
  • Available with a 25mm mounting flange

Key Applications:

  • Industrial Alignment & Positioning
  • Fluorescence
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy
  • Spectroscopy
  • Sensors
  • Particle Measurement
  • UV Curing
  • 3D Printing

Ideal for a wide range of applications

The Photon laser module is an established platform with more than 10,000 lasers operating successfully in the field. Designed for flexibility and reliability, these laser modules can be configured to suit your application.

Configurable for your Application’s Needs

If your application demands a more specialized specification, ProPhotonix can partner with you to develop a custom laser module to meet your needs. With more than two decades of experience in providing lasers for some of the most demanding environments, ProPhotonix is well-placed to provide a customized or custom laser solution for your application. To configure your Photon laser module and download a CAD model, click the button below.

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Laser Diode Modules

Part Number: PM-C-N-375-10-E

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High Reliability and Increased OEM Flexibility

The Photon Laser Modules range offers high reliability in a range of wavelengths and output powers and is available with CW or modulation options. The lasers are compact and self-contained and a 25mm flange is an option to allow for easier mounting.

Photon laser diode modules are available with elliptical or circular beams with adjustable optics to allow the user increased flexibility. Line generating options are also available. In addition, different colored barrels are available for easy identification of lasers of different wavelengths.

With the wide range of options available, Photon laser modules provide an ideal solution for a wide range of applications including Industrial alignment, positioning and inspection applications, low level laser therapy, spectroscopy and particle measurement application.

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New UV Laser Module

ProPhotonix has recently extended its Photon range to include a 375nm laser diode module. The UV Photon laser is suitable for UV curing applications that require the UV light focussed on a smaller area than with UV LED technology. UV lasers allow for very fast curing and 3D Printing applications, many of which currently use 405nm lasers, could benefit from this compact UV laser. The laser also has the potential to take particle analysis applications to another level as the shorter wavelength allows even smaller particles to be detected and measured. Available with output powers from 10mw to 70mW, a range of beam shapes and with CW or modulation, the new laser module is configurable to your application needs. For more information, download the latest datasheet.

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Photon Laser Modules Customized to Your Application Needs

If you have a requirement that is not met by the standard configurations, ProPhotonix can customize the product to meet your application needs. Example customizations include:

Electrical Customizations: Digital and analog modulation options, digital control and monitoring functionality, higher power driver electronics for higher optical output, custom wavelength and/or optical output power variants.

Optical Customizations: Fixed focus option at pre-defined working distance, screw fit available with adjustable optics, alternative optics for custom beam diameter or custom line thickness at specific working distances, elliptical beam or line output oriented as required with respect to a mechanical or laser-engraved alignment feature, use of diffractive optical elements to provide custom optical output, multi-mode optical fiber output, custom wavelength and optical output power variants.


Mechanical Customizations: Alternative flange size and shape for ease of installation and alignment, threaded or unthreaded holes in the flange for custom mounting options, slot or cutout for alignment and clamping, SMA or FC/PC receptacle output for optical fiber connection, custom cables and connectors.

To see how we can work with you to customize your Photon Laser Module, contact us.

Custom Laser Modules

If your application requires a custom laser module, ProPhotonix can work with you to develop the ideal solution for your application. To learn more about Custom Laser Solutions from ProPhotonix, visit our Custom Laser Solutions page.


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