High Dose UV LED Curing system reimagined to optimize dose to 80J/cm2

COBRA Cure FX4 offers market leading energy density through a unique design starting with the LED chip. The product includes high-density Chip-on-Board LED arrays and a wide 40mm window ensuring uniform UV light and maximum dose without any compromise on lifetime.

  • Large format digital printers
  • High speed, single pass industrial printers
  • Coatings applications
  • Process Friendly Air-flow

    ProPhotonix engineers developed a unique thermal management solution where air enters and exits from the top of the lamp avoiding the need for ancillary ducting or valuable space for clearance at the sides of the lamp.

  • Minimal Connection Requirements

    The Communications and Power cables are designed with a slim-line form factor to allow for easy system installation.

    Only ONE communications cable is required no matter what the length of the lamp.

    A separate power cable is required every 375mm.

  • Minimal Connection Requirements

    Modbus RS485 communication is used to control and monitor the COBRA Cure FX4 via analogue or digital means.

    An external LED light allows the operator to visually check the status of the lamp. Red connector

  • Minimal Maintenance Requirements

    For challenging operating environments where ingress of material into the lamp is possible, the COBRA Cure FX4 is designed for fast, hassle-free filter replacement.

  • Easily Scalable Modular Design

    The COBRA Cure FX4 is modularly designed so that it can be built to any length in 75mm increments to allow for seamless integration into your production line.

  • High Uniformity for Reliable Print Run Control

    >90% Uniformity across the length of the lamp regardless of lamp length.

  • Easy, Operator-Friendly Mounting

    Integrated T-slot mounting is designed directly into the lamp chassis to enable fast and easy assembly by the operator.

  • Flexible Mounting Range for Operators

    Mounting frames are built into the COBRA Cure FX4 at the front and back of the lamp allowing for front, back or side mounting.

    Each individual mounting frame has a mounting range of 120mm. Combining both mounting frames gives you an effective mounting range of 200mm.

  • The COBRA Cure FX4’s wide window (40mm) maximizes light delivery and dwell time.

    Unique to the COBRA Cure FX4, the illumination window of the lamp is offset to the edge to minimize the distance between your inkjet head and the UV light.

  • A High Dose UV LED Lamp means Faster Line Speeds

    COBRA™ Cure FX4 delivers maximum Intensity (up to 14W/cm2) and extreme Energy Density (up to 58J/cm2@ 10mm/sec).

  • A High Dose UV LED Lamp means Faster Line Speeds

    COBRA™ Cure FX4 delivers maximum Intensity (up to 14W/cm2) and extreme Energy Density (up to 58J/cm2@ 10mm/sec).

Key Features

  • Energy density (dose) up to 58 J/cm² Intensity up to 14 W/cm²
  • 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm
  • Unique form factor provides a compact, all-in-one solution with fully integrated cooling
  • 200mm mounting range integrated as standard
  • Lifetime: 20,000 hrs to L80
  • Modular up to 750mm
  • Window width: 40mm

Key Benefits

  • Allows New Applications to take advantage of the benefits of LED Technology
  • Enables Faster Line Speeds
  • Wider range of Substrates
  • All-in one-solution saves valuable space in your system
  • Easy Integration
  • Complete, cost-effective solution

COBRA Cure FX4 Features

Based on multiple 3rd party tests, the COBRA Cure FX4 delivers maximum intensity and extreme energy density without compromising on lifetime and reliability. This high power UV lamp is available in a range of wavelengths from 365nm to 405nm as well as multi-wavelength options.

Built in-house with Chip-on-Board LED Technology

With a combination of ProPhotonix’ in-house Chip-On-Board LED capabilities, in-house engineering team and over 25 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing LED-based systems., the COBRA Cure FX4 is configurable to your application needs.

To configure and download your COBRA Cure FX4 CAD model, click the button below.

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High Dose, Air-cooled UV LED Curing system

Part Number: FX4-F-S-0077-365-DW-T-M

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Powering Your Productivity

Industry leading Intensity & Dose for Faster, more Efficient Production

COBRA™ Cure FX4 delivers maximum Intensity (up to 14 W/cm²) and extreme Energy Density (up to 58 J/cm²@ 10mm/sec).

40mm Wide Window Optimized for Curing

Maximizes light delivery and increases dwell time.

Unique Window Position for Increased Efficiency

Minimizes the distance between the light head and the UV light.

High Uniformity for Reliable Print Run Control

> 90% uniformity across the length of the lamp.

Simple, Safe & Reliable Operation

Analogue or Digital Control

For simple integration into production lines, the COBRA Cure FX4 can be controlled and monitored via analogue or digital means.

Safety at its Core

Standard safety features include LED status lights, interlocks and embedded temperature controls at the PCBA and LED substrates.

Rugged & Reliable Durability

Ensures continuous operation in harsh manufacturing environments.

Minimal Maintenance

Minimal maintenance is needed for dirty environments where you only need to change the filters and clean the protective glass.

Flexible Design for Different Production Line Configurations

Easily Scalable Modular Design

Available in any length in 75mm increments designed to seamlessly integrate into production lines.

Back-reflection Protection

Allows uninterrupted processing of even the most reflective substrates with no damage to the COBRA Cure FX4.

“Factory of the Future” Ready

Design allows for Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP, ProfiNet as well as IOT functionality such as MQTT.

Linear Intensity Control

The COBRA Cure FX4 operates with linear intensity control to allow the operator to adjust the power for the respective process linearly.

Hassle-Free Installation

Easy, Operator-Friendly Mounting

200mm mounting range and T-Slot Mounting frame designed directly into the lamp chassis ensure fast, flexible and easy assembly.

Minimal Connection Requirements

Cables has been specifically designed to have slim-line form factor to allow for easy routing through your system.

Process Friendly Airflow

Air enters and exits from the top of the lamp avoiding the need for ancillary ducting or valuable space for clearance at the lamps sides.

Sustainable Solution

Typical Lifetime 20,000 hours to L80 according to IES LM-80 and IES TM-21. Mercury lamps simply do not last as long as LED based lamps.

More Energy Efficient: 70% less energy required compared to mercury lamps.

Instant ON: UV LEDs warm up immediately. Minimal start up time means switching between print runs is fast and efficient.

Eco Friendly: UV LEDs do not produce ozone or contain heavy metals unlike Mercury lamps. No additional venting, ozone extraction or chillers required.

Recycling: EU directive requires mercury lamps to be recycled, an extra cost not incurred using UV LED.

RoHS 3: ProPhotonix is a RoHS 3 compliant company.

Market Leading Product Performance

UV LED Curing Systems are designed and built to deliver maximum performance throughout the lifetime of the products.

Flexibility to Adapt to Your Needs

Flexibility to configure or customize your product to your application requirements and flexible ongoing support to meet your business needs.

A Complete Solution Provider

We take a long-term view of customer relationships supporting you from concept to completion as well as with day to day business needs.

Need help to optimize for your application?

For comprehensive technical support. Talk to us.

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