COBRA Cure FX Series

The COBRA Cure FX series is designed to provide the optimum UV curing of inks, coatings, and adhesives. In addition to the many benefits of an LED UV curing light solution, these lamps incorporate unique patented features to ensure a consistent, reliable cure. Each UV LED lamp is configurable to your application requirements with mechanical, optical, and electronic options available.

COBRA Cure Series:

  • New COBRA Cure Mini

    6W/cm2 Low Weight, Compact UV LED Curing System

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  • COBRA Cure FX1

    5.4W/cm² UV LED Curing System

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  • COBRA Cure FX1 Max

    6.4W/cm2 UV LED Curing System

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UV LED Curing Systems: Cobra Cure FX Series

The COBRA Cure FX Series encompasses 15 years of experience in UV LEDs and more than two decades of experience working with OEMs to maximize system performance.

UV LED Curing Systems Advantages

UV LED curing systems offer vastly improved lifetimes, reduced maintenance costs, significant energy savings, and with no ozone emissions or mercury content, offer a more sustainable solution than traditional technologies. In addition, the “cold cure” offered by LED-based systems is ideal for heat-sensitive substrates or thin films.


COBRA CURE FX Series: Features

The COBRA Cure FX series is a configurable platform designed to maximize the inherent value of LED solutions while also incorporating a number of unique features. These patented features have been developed to ensure ease of integration, optimum performance, maximum lifetime, safety and reliability in the field.

The platform can be configured to address a wide range of user requirements including optimized optics, customizable mechanics and electronic options. Users will benefit from innovative features, including a field-replaceable window, designed to allow rapid replacement of windows with a build-up of ink mist, without the need for any special tools.

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