A Safe, Sustainable Solution for Disinfection

UVC LED Disinfection Systems

UVC disinfection primarily works by creating lesions in the DNA of microorganism’s interfering with the DNA replication process leading to inactivation or death. UVC LEDs also work indirectly by creating reactive oxygen species which causes oxidative stress on cells leading to cellular damage and/or cell death.

UVC LED disinfection systems are increasingly used across a wide range of sectors for air, food, surface and water disinfection due to the inherent advantages of a LED solution.  They are a more sustainable option due to the environmental considerations (no ozone emissions or mercury content) and reduced energy usage.  In addition, UVC LEDs have a longer lifetime than mercury alternatives.


Air, Water and Surface UVC LED Disinfection

As UVC LED disinfection systems mature, a number of novel applications will emerge. In the past few years alone there has been a significant development across  air, water and surface disinfection for example. The demand for safer, more sustainable disinfection methods has grown and Covid-19, in particular, has led to an increased interest in UVC LEDs. The desire for cleaner air particularly with the increased risk posed by aerosol transmission has put more of a focus on UVC LED air disinfection solutions.

Global and local legislation has driven technological development in UVC LED water disinfection – in particular the removal of pollutants from water at a domestic and municipal level. Food manufacturing has benefited from UVC LED surface disinfection solutions. There is minimal heat produced by UVC LEDs which makes it ideal for disinfecting food products that do not need additional processing.

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Custom UVC LED Solutions

The COBRA Clean FX1 enables testing and rapid development of UVC LED based disinfection systems. Using an evaluation tool helps to determine the characteristics required for your disinfection application. There are a number of optical and electronic configurations available as well as four wavelengths – 265nm, 275nm, 285nm and 310nm.

Once the optimum configuration has been determined ProPhotonix can help develop this specification and work with you to develop and manufacture a customized UVC LED solution.


Explore our Cobra Clean FX1 Series

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