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Print Position Adjustment 

With the massive growth of printing applications across industries, print alignment has moved on from manual alignment with dial indicators and plumb lines to laser alignment systems. For a high-quality print and minimal waste of materials, the printing substrate needs to be properly aligned before exposure. This can be achieved by employing a highly accurate laser alignment system as a visual guide. 

ProPhotonix offers a range of cutting-edge laser solutions designed to take print alignment to the next level. Enhancing print alignment isn’t just about accuracy; it’s also about improving efficiency. Our print alignment laser modules are not only highly precise but also designed to streamline your workflow.

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Reliable, Optimized Line-generating Laser Modules

For Consistent Print Registration

It is important to make the process of laying out transfers and designs as seamless as possible for consistent print results without any downtime, especially for multi-screen or multi-color print registration. Be it perpendicular adjustment or skew adjustment or print position adjustment, using a well-specified laser module will make a big difference in streamlining your printing process.

To learn more about the key parameters and trade-offs involved in specifying laser modules for optimal system performance, download our whitepaper titled ‘Optimizing System Performance: A Guide to Specifying Laser Modules’.

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Streamline your Workflow and Minimize Waste

Enhancing Print Alignment Accuracy

For print alignment accuracy, a straight line-generating laser works the best. For correct color print alignment, you need a crisp, well-focused and precise laser beam. ProPhotonix’s Photon laser module and Compact laser module are recommended and offer unmatched precision for print alignment applications. By leveraging high-precision laser technology, these laser modules provide pinpoint accuracy, making them invaluable for large-scale printing applications.  

Laser Alignment Systems Built for You

Custom Solutions for Unique Alignment Challenges

With over two decades of experience, ProPhotonix understands that every print alignment challenge is unique. That’s why we offer custom solutions tailored to your specific application needs. Our team of experts will collaborate closely with you to design and implement alignment solutions that precisely match your requirements. ProPhotonix’s laser solutions are trusted by professionals worldwide for their ability to achieve the most precise results. Whether it’s a bespoke laser module or a customized laser alignment solution, ProPhotonix will deliver high precision and best quality printing results.

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