Articles from industry press highlight ProPhotonix's LED and Laser expertise

ProPhotonix offers OEMs a complete illumination solution for their LED and Laser requirements. With more than 20 years’ experience in developing OEM LED systems and laser modules, ProPhotonix has developed unique expertise across a wide range of industries and applications. Learn more about some of these applications in the articles below from industry trade press.

Diode Laser Modules - Prophotonix
April, 2018ProPhotonix honored by Vision Systems Design Innovators Award ProgramVision Systems DesignProPhotonix announces that its COBRA MultiSpec LED line light, released in 2017, was recognized by the judges of the annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards program. Link
April, 2017ProPhotonix honored by Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards ProgramVision Systems DesignProPhotonix announces that its design of an OEM RGB-IR line light was recognized by the judges of the annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards programLink
March, 2015LED-Based Sun-Simulator Design: Technical and Commercial ConsiderationsPhotonics SpectraA discussion of the limitations of traditional sun-simulator technologiesand the advantages offered by LED systems.Link
February, 2014All in VeinImaging and Machine Vision EuropeProPhotonix provide illumination for vascular imaging applicationLink
September, 2013State of PlayImaging and Machine Vision EuropeMachine vision industry viewLink
June 25, 2013From Reflection to Emission, Metal Forming Challenges Machine VisionMachine Vision OnlineMetal forming uses heat and pressure to create the building blocks of our society. Gauging heat and temperature is difficult but machinevision applications can helpLink
June, 2013Press MentionEuroPhotonicsProPhotonix Now Distributes High Powered Oclaro DiodesLink
March, 2013Keeping Everything Ship ShapeAutomationManaging the Huge Number of Containers in and out of PortsPDF
February, 2013Lightening the Load:Imaging and Machine Vision EuropeHelping load trucks safely to manage the flow of shipping containers into and out of portsLink
February, 2013LEDs challenge xenon flash lamps in solar panel testingVision Systems DesignTesting solar panels by simulating the sun.Link

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