Configurable lasers ideal for a range of applications

ProPhotonix offers lasers for a wide range of applications. Each of our laser modules are designed and manufactured to be configurable to suit a variety of application needs. In addition, ProPhotonix can design and manufacture a cost-effective custom laser solution to suit specific applications.

Click the relevant application below to see ProPhotonix’ laser module solutions for each application.

Photonic products by Prophotonix
  • Dental Lasers

    ProPhotonix offers solutions for the wide range of applications for lasers in the Dental Market.

  • Industrial Lasers

    From industrial alignment to 3D imaging applications in machine vision systems, ProPhotonix can address a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Medical Lasers

    ProPhotonix has more than 20 years of experience in developing laser modules for the medical industry.

  • fiber coupled laser diode modules

    Scientific Lasers

    ProPhotonix provides cost-effective custom laser solutions for a wide range of scientific applications.

  • Diode Laser Modules - Prophotonix

    Structured Light Lasers

    A range of compact, uniform lasers ideal for 3D imaging applications. 10mm and 19mm diameter modules available at a variety of wavelengths and power levels

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  • Alignment lasers

    Alignment Lasers

    From patient alignment to industrial alignment applications, ProPhotonix offers a range of solutions.


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