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ProPhotonix designs and manufactures easy to use, plug and play laser diode modules for a wide range of laser applications including uniform laser lines and DOE patterns for machine vision and rugged laser modules for industrial alignment applications. ProPhotonix also partners with leading manufacturers to develop laser modules for life science applications, scientific instrumentation, particle measurement, 3D printing and more.

Diode laser modules are available in a wide variety of wavelengths, output powers, beam shapes and with a variety of electronic functionality and form factors. Wavelengths from 405nm laser to 1300nm laser are available with maximum output power up to 2W. Circular and elliptical spot, Gaussian and uniform lines and various diffractive optical patterns are also available. In terms of electronics, ProPhotonix can offer CW, pulsed or TTL modulation options. Temperature stabilized (TE cooled) laser modules are also possible.

To find the laser module range that best suits your application, try the Laser Module Selector below. Simply enter your specification criteria to see suitable laser modules. Click on the results to go to that specific page where you can download relevant datasheets.

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With 25 years’ experience in laser modules, ProPhotonix offers:

  • Multidisciplinary expertise across a wide range of industries
  • Configurable laser modules to address diverse applications
  • Cost-effective laser solutions due to our strong supplier relationships and in-house parts manufacturing
  • Superior quality control, ensuring repeatable results

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Laser Diode Technology Experts

25 years of experience in laser diode technology allows us to deliver high-quality laser diode modules to meet specific requirements.

A Partnership Approach

We work in partnership with our customers to ensure the best solution configured or custom-designed for your application needs

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We deliver reliable, high-quality products, responsive technical support and maintain high service levels.

Laser FAQs

  • What is a laser module?

    A laser module incorporates a laser diode, one or more lenses, drive electronics, and module housing. ProPhotonix designs and manufacturers all our laser modules in house giving you total control over the functionality and offers a wide range of customizations. This allows for designing a truly optimized high performance laser for your application.

  • What wavelengths are available in laser modules?

    ProPhotonix offers a wide variety of wavelengths from 405nm to 1500nm with a maximum output power up to 2W.

  • What beam shapes are available in laser modules?

    There are various beam shapes available including circular and elliptical spot, Gaussian and uniform lines, as well as optical patterns. This allows for a truly customized laser solution for your business.

  • Why use a digital interface?

    Our digital laser modules  offer more control over operational commands if your application requires it e.g output power and pulse conditions. Our digital interface is a simple and user-friendly way of controlling and monitoring the performance of your laser module.

  • How do you ensure maximum lifetime from a laser module?

    Laser diodes generate heat in the process of emitting light. Typically, 10-30% of the power used to generate heat is converted to light, the rest is wasted as heat. This heat ends up warming the laser diode, the module, the optics and surrounding housing. We can manage the heat through a thermal pathway which allows the heat to flow away from the laser diode.  Read more about how we ensure efficient thermal management in our laser modules here.

  • How does ProPhotonix develop custom laser modules?

    The process starts with your requirements. Our engineers will collaborate with your engineering team to decide on the exact specifications required. Next, we develop a prototype with our in-house specialists and leverage their optics, electronics, thermal, software and mechanical expertise. We work through feedback you may have on the prototype and move onto the production stage. The process is highly collaborative from end to end. We like to think of it as an integrated partnership that is ongoing, and doesn’t come to an end once the product is delivered. We will work with you to ensure optimal performance throughout the life of the product.

  • Can the laser be pulsed?

    Yes, but the maximum CW power should be observed


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