Extremely Bright and Uniform, Configurable LED Light

ProPhotonix designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative LED lights ideally suited to machine vision lighting applications including area scan and line scan applications. Many of these configurable LED products and our Custom LED lights are used in a broad range of non-industrial imaging applications including dental imaging applications and security and transport applications.

Cobra Slim LED Line Light
  • LED Line Lights

    Extreme brightness and uniformity, configurable LED Line Lights.

  • LED Area Lights

    Extremely bright and uniform, short to medium range LED Area Lights.

  • LED Ring Lights

    Extremely bright and uniform LED Ring Lights

  • LED Spot Lights

    Extremely bright, focused LED Spot lights for long and short working distances.

Machine Vision Lighting by Prophotonix

As a pioneer in Chip-on-Board LED technology, many of our LED products are designed utilizing this extremely beneficial LED packaging method. Designing and manufacturing LED Lights with Chip-on-Board LED technology allows us to densely package LEDs ensuring the highest intensity and optimum uniformity output from our compact products.

All of our LED products are designed for ease of integration and use. Configurability and modularity are built into our LED product designs, allowing you to optimize for your specific application. In addition, many of our LED products include innovative features such as our field adjustable lens position in the COBRA series to ensure that end users can select the optimum illumination for their specific application.


LED Product Ranges

ProPhotonix provide a comprehensive range of LED Line Lights for line scan and web inspection of a wide range of materials. View the full range of LED Line Lights.

For area scan applications, our range of LED AreaRing and Spot lights provide high brightness and excellent uniformity in a compact form factor.


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