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Laser modules provide a clear visual tool for easy alignment using spot, lines or cross generating optics

Precision alignment is fundamental for many industrial applications. Alignment lasers can help to align textiles, position saw blades automatically in a timber mill or to align wheels in assembly and servicing in automotive manufacturing.

The term “industrial alignment” incorporates a broad range of applications and requirements. The application itself and in particular, how the laser is visualized determines the requirements for each specific application. ProPhotonix offers a wide range of configurable laser modules in a variety of form factors and these can also be used as a design bank should your application have more exacting requirements.

alignment laser

Visual Guide

Designing a laser module to form a visual guide requires a highly visible laser, normally 635nm that provides a bright red laser beam, or 520nm that supplies a very clear green laser. In other applications, where a camera or similar detector monitors the alignment laser a higher wavelength can be used, typically a red laser at 650nm or wavelengths in the near infra-red.

Output Beams

ProPhotonix integrate optics into each of their laser modules to give the clearest output. This eases the alignment process.

Line Lasers

For many applications, for example, for alignment in the construction industry, the clearest output may be a line output. ProPhotonix select lenses from a range of fan angles to give the best line length for set-up and design.

Cross Lasers

In other applications, such as textiles, a cross laser may be preferable as it allows an extra dimension in the alignment process resulting in higher precision and improved accuracy.

Spot Lasers

Some industries require collimated spot lasers in applications where there is a range of alignment distances as objects vary in thickness. A well collimated spot laser will provide a clear guide throughout the process.

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ProPhotonix provides a wide range of plug and play laser modules to suit a variety of application requirements. Our team can work with you to provide the best solution for your specific application. As a diode distributor as well as an integrator, ProPhotonix has access to a wide range of laser diodes from high-quality manufacturers. Our experience and engineering expertise and in-house manufacturing facilities contribute to our capability to design compact, low power modules for high volume OEM systems, or high precision modules to work in hostile environments and anything in between.

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