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In the printing industry, precision and speed is paramount, and the choice of illumination can make all the difference. Whether you’re engaged in the dynamic world of 3D printing, UV LED printing, print inspection, or print alignment, the quality of your lighting solutions can significantly impact the results you achieve. 

Explore the possibilities of precision printing with lighting solutions that have been engineered to meet the unique demands of 3D printing, UV LED printing, print inspection, and print alignment below.

We provide lighting solutions for-

  • 3D Printing

    Our laser diode modules and UV LED curing systems are engineered to meet the unique requirements of the 3D Printing industry, from manufacturing and aerospace to medical and robotics. Accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability are paramount to us.

  • Print Alignment

    Proper print alignment is essential for a high-quality print, fast production speed and minimal waste of materials. Our print alignment laser modules are designed to be reliable, precise and optimized to streamline your workflow.

  • Print Inspection

    Machine vision lighting has emerged as a solution that enables visibility and control over print quality, thereby enhancing detection capabilities. Our LED-based lighting solutions delivers multispectral tunable illumination to elevate print integrity.

  • UV LED Printing

    UV LED printing technology offers instant curing of UV inks, versatility of printable substrates in addition to being a more environmentally friendly choice. Our UV LED lamps offer unmatched print quality, speed & performance.


A Case Study

Direct-to-Substrate UV LED Inkjet Printing

A customer required a new design for their UV LED curing systems to replace the UV lamps in its existing printers, one which would also be future-proofed for new models. ProPhotonix worked closely with the customer to design a bespoke, price-competitive UV LED curing system with major efficiency gains and reduced production time.

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Related Products

ProPhotonix designs and manufactures the COBRA ™ Cure Series, COBRA MultiSpec line light, and laser modules for printing, 3D printing, inspection, and alignment applications. We also offer custom laser modules and LED systems for a wide range of industries including adhesives, printing, and coatings. 

  • Alignment Lasers

    Our wide range of compact, straight line-generating laser modules offer unmatched precision and pinpoint accuracy, making them invaluable for print alignment applications.

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  • COBRA MultiSpec

    Our Line scan lights are used extensively across the printing industry for pixel-by-pixel error detection, color consistency verification and much more.

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  • UV LED Curing Systems

    Our COBRA Cure series of UV LED Curing systems is tailored to meet a wide range of printing needs, offering customization options to suit specific application requirements.

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