LED Lights for Hyperspectral Imaging  

Hyperspectral imaging opens the door to diverse quantitative and qualitative analysis, from inspecting banknotes to grading food and sorting recyclable materials. To accomplish this with high precision, you require a light source that’s not only bright and stable but also configurable to your specific application needs.  

LED technology delivers greater efficiency and is a sustainable choice. With extended lifetimes and exceptional brightness, LED lights offer superior lifetime value when compared with traditional lighting technologies such as halogen. With more than two decades of experience in LED technology, ProPhotonix is well positioned to provide tailored hyperspectral LED solutions.  

Central to our hyperspectral solutions is the COBRA™ hyperspectral LED line light– a cutting-edge solution designed by experienced engineers.  

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Hyperspectral Light Customized for your Application 

Configurable Broad Spectrum Illumination

The objective of hyperspectral imaging is to capture the spectrum for every pixel in the material’s image as a continuous broad spectrum, ensuring high-resolution, precise imaging. Built on chip-on-board technology, the COBRA HyperSpec allows for incremental changes to the emission spectrum to suit specific applications. With the power to discreetly control up to 12 different wavelengths, the COBRA HyperSpec guarantees a balanced and application-matched spectrum of exceptional uniformity for leading-edge imaging quality. 

Balancing Efficiency and Excellence in Hyperspectral Imaging 

Optimized for Camera Sensitivity

Not all LED wavelengths have the same efficiency, and COBRA HyperSpec acknowledges this fact with its innovatively designed system. Each wavelength is driven at different currents to achieve low peak-to-valley ratios and optimal spectral balance, producing a flatter, camera-weighted spectrum. Whether your application spans the spectrum or requires a custom configuration, the COBRA HyperSpec can be configured to align with your machine vision camera’s unique sensitivities

Integrated Strobe and Ethernet Control 

Gain Independent Strobe Capability

In hyperspectral imaging, maintaining consistent and defined illumination conditions is critical for seamless automated image processing. Halogen lamps lack the ability of strobing while LED illumination offers good strobe control and higher light output compared to traditional lighting. COBRA HyperSpec’s integrated strobe capability enables the configuration of multispectral strobe patterns, with up to four independent strobe lines pulsing either simultaneously or sequentially

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Boost Spectral Resolution

Hyperspectral imaging acquires images across a vast number of continuous narrow bands (10-20nm) providing next-level precision and detail. The COBRA HyperSpec LED line lights platform allows users the flexibility to work over the entire spectral range while providing a market-leading signal-to-noise ratio across the spectrum. This makes hyperspectral imaging well suited for applications sensitive to miniscule differences in signal within a continuous spectrum such as food safety and grading.  

Intuitive GUI for Seamless Integration

A well-built GUI empowers users with absolute control over the functionality and potential of a hyperspectral imaging system. It enables easy adjustment of setup, orientation, acquisition time, and the working distance. The default inclusion of user-friendly and easy-to-install management software with COBRA HyperSpec ensures its flexibility to tailor it to the unique demands of specific applications.  

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A game-changer in the world of hyperspectral imaging

Leading-Edge Products for Hyperspectral Imaging Applications

 Whether your focus is UV, visible, or IR wavelengths, COBRA HyperSpec range of LED lights ensure the perfect illumination for your hyperspectral imaging needs. Available in wavelengths from 365nm to 1700nm and a variety of configurations, as well as custom solutions, this innovation pushes the boundaries of hyperspectral imaging. With a legacy spanning over two decades in machine vision lighting, ProPhotonix is well positioned to provide you with cutting-edge illumination for optimum image acquisition.  

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Application Note

Key Considerations When Moving to Multispectral and Hyperspectral LED Lights

Hyperspectral imaging separates light into numerous bands demanding more light, often termed as a ‘light starved’ scenario. Traditionally, halogen lights have been the go-to-choice due to their affordability and flat spectrum. With stricter regulations shaping the use of halogen, the spotlight is now on LED technology as a promising alternative. This application note delves into the transition from halogen to LED lighting for Multispectral and Hyperspectral applications, highlighting key considerations.  

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