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UVC LED System - Rapid development solution for UV disinfection applications.

COBRA Clean FX1 is a compact, fan-cooled UVC LED lamp that provides a uniform line with a peak irradiance of 90 mW/cm2 and peak energy density (dose) of x 90 mJ/cm2. The lamp is built utilizing Chip-on-Board LED technology for optimum intensity and uniformity and designed utilizing an established platform for reliability. The COBRA Clean FX1 is available in 265nm, 275nm, 285nm and 310nm wavelengths.

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Key Features:

  • Compact, fan cooled  UVC LED Lamp
  • Available in a range of wavelengths – 265nm, 275nm,285nm and 310nm
  • Peak irradiance up to 90mW/cm2
  • Peak energy density (dose) up to 90 mJ/cm2
  • CE and UL certified

Key Applications:

Water, Surface and Air Disinfection in:

  • Laboratory and Medical
  • Packaging materials
  • Industrial Applications
  • Food processing

UVC LED Light Source for Rapid Development

COBRA Clean FX1 provides an ideal light source for evaluation enabling rapid development with a UVC LED solution. Built on an established platform ensuring reliability, this UVC LED System can be configured with numerous optical and electrical options and is a stackable UVC LED lamp allowing you to best define multiple characteristics to maximize your system performance.

UVC LED Light Applications

COBRA Clean FX1 UVC LED system can provide an ideal evaluation unit for water, surface, and air disinfection applications across a range of industries in particular, laboratory, medical, packaging, food, and industrial applications.

UVC LED Benefits

UVC LED lamps offer significant benefits versus traditional UV lamps. A compact, versatile technology, LEDs offer longer illuminator lifetimes, predictable light output, precise control, and are ozone-free and heavy metal-free.

COBRA Clean FX1 is patent protected and independently CE and UL certified.

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