Machine Vision Lasers enable 3D measurement systems for inspection, sorting and defect detection

3D imaging systems incorporating machine vision lasers allow users to rapidly gain three-dimensional information of a scene or object. High-quality lasers are essential for precise and accurate measurements and results.

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Lasers for 3D Imaging

Laser triangulation is the most widely adopted method of 3D imaging. It involves projecting one or more laser lines or spots onto an object. The position of the line on the detector can then be used to determine its distance from the detector with extreme precision. 3D imaging is used across a broad range of machine vision applications. Defect detection and the measurement of volumes and elevations are the most common application of 3D imaging technology. In the semiconductor industry, for example, 3D imaging is used to determine the surface quality of wafers a critical process in ensuring the quality of the finished product. Another industry that utilizes 3D imaging techniques is that of food where the technology is utilized to measure the volume of food products for portioning and sorting purposes.

Machine Vision Lasers

When using laser triangulation, machine vision laser requirements will differ depending on the object being inspected. ProPhotonix offers a range of structured light lasers, the 3D PRO™ Lasers, designed to provide high performance in 3D imaging applications.

The 3D PRO™ Laser Series is a compact laser module platform available in a wide range of wavelengths, output powers, and diffractive optics. Both 3D PRO Lasers and 3D PRO Laser Mini can produce extremely narrow laser lines and deliver excellent uniformity for precision measurement. The 3D PRO Lasers are plug and play lasers with cylindrical form factors for ease of integration into new and existing systems. An Adjustable focus 3D PRO Laser, ideal for R&D use, is available. All 3D PRO Lasers offer a range of electronic features.

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Machine Vision Laser Series

  • 3D Pro Laser

    The 3D PRO laser is designed for easy integration into machine vision applications. It delivers high performance and high uniformity from a compact form factor. The 3D PRO laser is available with a customer-specified fixed focus.

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  • 3D PRO Mini

    As the name suggests, the 3D PRO Mini is extremely compact at just 10mm in diameter. Designed for machine vision applications where space is restricted, these lasers offer excellent performance from a compact package.

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  • Adjustable Focus 3D PRO

    The Adjustable Focus 3D Pro allows the user to adjust the focus to suit application requirements. Built on the same compact platform as the 3D PRO the Adjustable Focus 3D PRO is 19mm in diameter.

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