Plug and play laser modules configured for your application

ProPhotonix designs and manufactures a broad range of easy to use, plug and play laser diode modules for a wide range of laser applications. Select the color you need to see the product ranges available to meet your requirements.

  • Red Laser Modules

    Wavelengths from 635nm to 740nm. A wide range of form factors is available with wavelength, output powers, optical output and electronic options available.

  • Blue Laser Modules

    Blue and blue-violet laser modules available with wavelengths from 400nm to 500nm. Available in a range of form factors, output powers and optical options.

  • Green Laser Modules

    Wavelengths from 510nm - 530nm. Compact, direct emission, green laser modules available for a wide range of applications.

  • IR Laser Modules

    Infrared laser modules available in wavelengths of 780nm and greater. A wide range of form factors are available depending on application requirements.

  • UV Laser Modules

    UV Laser modules at 405nm. A range of power levels are available. Form factors to suit a wide range of applications available.


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