Uniform and reliable LED Lights and Lasers for pharmaceutical inspection systems.

ProPhotonix provides a range of bright, reliable LED Lights to ensure that the highest inspection levels can be achieved. Both off-the-shelf and custom solutions are available in a wide range of form factors and wavelengths.

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Pharmaceutical Inspection

LED Lights and lasers are widely used for inspection in the pharmaceutical industry. Vision systems perform vitally important functions such as the sorting and packaging of pills and product identification. The quality of illumination products used in these inspection systems determines the accuracy and quality of results.


Vision systems are commonly used to identify and sort different colored pills. For this process, specific wavelengths may be required. ProPhotonix provides a wide range of wavelengths as standard across our product ranges and can also provide custom wavelengths to meet specific requirements.

Filling and Packaging Inspection

3D measurement systems are often used in the pharmaceutical packaging process ensuring that items are sorted correctly, and that packages are filled properly without any defects. ProPhotonix provides a range of robust lasers ideally suited to this task, guaranteeing repeatable performance.

Capsule Inspection

For quality control, pharmaceutical companies need to inspect every capsule they manufacture. Their system needs to be able to scan different sized capsules, printed text on capsules, and be able to inspect inside the capsules themselves. This is complicated by the fact that capsules are typically made from parts of two different colors and can vary in color from white to black. Therefore, the white lights need to have a dynamic current range to work across such variation in color. A further complication for pharmaceutical companies is that the entire circumference of the capsules needs to be inspected.

Label Inspection

Correct labeling of products is of the utmost importance in pharmaceutical manufacturing and these can be inspected using Optical Character Recognition systems. The quality of the illumination products used in these systems will impact on the performance of the overall system. Uniform lighting will deliver the best results. Prophotonix provides a range of lighting with extremely high uniformity providing excellent results. UV products are also available for inspection of invisible inks.

LED and Laser Solutions

ProPhotonix provides a range of LED & Laser products to suit your inspection needs. All of our products provide maximum brightness, excellent uniformity and long lifetimes and are available in a range of wavelengths and power levels to suit your application.

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