Precision, Clarity, and Efficiency for Print Inspection

Print inspection is a critical step in the printing process, a process used to detect any minute errors or imperfections within the printed work. Machine vision lighting emerges as the solution that enables high visibility and control over print quality even at very high line speeds, thereby enhancing detection capabilities and substantially reducing waste. This approach ensures that print integrity is maintained, eliminating the need for re-labeling or print run recalls.  

ProPhotonix has harnessed over two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing LED-based lighting solutions tailored for print inspection. Our goal is to provide a reliable and consistent means to achieve perfect print quality for printing, labeling, and packaging applications. 

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RGB, RGB-White LED Line Lights

Enhancing Print Inspection with LED Lighting

Multispectral LED line lights deliver multispectral tunable illumination for real-time automated defect detection. Multispectral LED illumination makes it easy to optimize the spectrum of your line light for maximum contrast, increased accuracy, and high speed for detection of smudges, misregistration, color variations and more. 

ProPhotonix utilizes high density LED packaging with Chip-on-Board (COB) LED technology to give you extremely compact, powerful and uniform solutions that are available in any wavelength. Our Line scan lights are used extensively across the printing industry for pixel-by-pixel error detection, color consistency verification and much more powerful and uniform solutions that are available in any wavelength. 

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Elevating Print Integrity

Power, Uniformity, and Flexibility

Print and web inspection is an ongoing process that encompasses an array of materials, from paper, textiles, film, and foil to plastics, metals, glass, and coatings. LED lighting is the linchpin of rapid data acquisition and analysis. Our COBRA MultiSpec LED line light offers a strobe capability that drives highly efficient print inspection systems. 

Proper LED selection will ensure the best contrast and efficiency for your print inspection application. Our whitepaper ‘Optimizing Machine Vision Lighting for Your Application’ discusses various considerations for a successful machine vision application. 

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A Case Study

Multispectral Imaging in Currency Inspection

ProPhotonix partnered with a system integrator developing currency inspection systems used to inspect bills and sheets of bills. The customer required a lighting solution that was able to improve the accuracy of their image inspection, whilst at the same time also identify security taggants that were integral to the product being inspected. For this application, a single, compact illuminator that had visible and NIR infrared in one source was required. Working with the customer, ProPhotonix configured a COBRA MultiSpec to meet the exact needs of this application. 

Check out the full case study to learn more about the role of LED lighting in currency inspection systems. 

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Tailored LED Lighting Solutions for Print Inspection

Our COBRA MultiSpec LED line light can be tailored to address a wide range of applications. System designers can further fine-tune the performance of their system via its user-friendly GUI. If your print inspection application requires a custom multispectral light, ProPhotonix can collaborate with you to develop lighting solutions that align with every aspect of your specifications. 

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