Ultra-Compact Laser Combiners

Wavelength Combiner lasers are ultra-compact and feature up to four diode wavelengths. Laser Combiners use multiplexing electronics over a shared medium making them ideally suited for use in microscopy and spectroscopy.

These Wavelength Combiner Lasers from Integrated Optics operate very economically and feature the world’s smallest footprint. Two wavelength combiner platforms are available: the ARA Multicolor Light Processor series and the MatchBox Laser Combiner series.

ARA Multicolor Light Processor

Key Features

  • Up to Four independent wavelengths
  • Single-mode, polarization-maintaining fiber output
  • Vibration-proofed
  • Plug-and-play laser combiner
  • Photonic IC-based beam combiner
  • Single user interface for all 4 lasers


Key Applications

  • Confocal and Fluorescence Microscopy:
    • FLIM
    • FRAP
    • FLIP
    • FRET
  • Flow cytometry
  • Life sciences
  • Food sorting and inspection
  • Metrology
  • Medical applications

The ARA multicolor light processor is a high-end laser combiner unit based on a waveguide. ARA laser combiner contains 4 compact Matchbox lasers and a waveguide combiner chip. It’s compact form factor and hands-free operation make it ideal for handheld portable devices. The ARA Series incorporates an easy to use PC interface allowing the lasers to be controlled in any work area. It combines wavelengths into a single mode polarization maintaining output fiber. Integrated Multi-color laser source provides multiple wavelengths in a single and compact unit.

The ARA lasers are vibration-proof and resistant to thermal shocks, ensuring resilience and adaptability within any environment.

ARA Lasers: Applications

The ARA laser supplies up to four wavelengths suitable for use in Life sciences, Food, Metrology and Medical applications.


ARA Combiner Laser datasheetContact us

Laser Modules

MatchBox Combiner

Key Features:

  • Compact Laser combiner with four wavelengths
  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Single user interface for all 4 lasers

Key Applications

  • Wide field and fluorescence microscopy:
  • Flow cytometry
  • Food sorting and inspection
  • Medical applications
  • Metrology


The MatchBox Combiner includes up to four wavelengths, with output to multi-mode fiber or free space. This ultra-compact Wavelength Combiner, in the standard MatchBox housing, offers alignment-free operation. A classical diode/mirror combining technique is used in combination with proprietary micro-optics to make this system both economical and compact. Individual wavelengths are controlled through an easy to use PC interface. Each unit within the series combines wavelengths into a MM output fiber. The Matchbox combiner individual wavelengths are controlled through an easy to use PC interface allowing full control.

MatchBox Combiner: Applications

The Matchbox Combiner is suitable for applications in Life Sciences, Food sorting, Medical applications and Metrology.

MatchBox Combiner Laser Datasheet


Custom Solutions

If an off-the-shelf Wavelength Combiner does not meet your specifications, ProPhotonix will work with you and Integrated Optics to develop a custom solution for you. Contact us at sales@prophotonix.com


MatchBox Accessories

These Wavelength Combiners are compatible with MatchBox accessories, such as the Breakout PCB, Power Supply, and Heatsinks. Water-cooled adapter, compact cooler for MatchBox 2 and power bank accessories are available.

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