Ultra-Compact MatchBox Laser Combiner

Wavelength Combiner lasers are ultra-compact and feature up to four diode wavelengths. Laser Combiners use multiplexing electronics over a shared medium making them ideally suited for use in microscopy and spectroscopy.

These Wavelength Combiner Lasers from Integrated Optics operate very economically and feature the world’s smallest footprint.

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Key Features:

  • Compact Laser combiner with four wavelengths
  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Single user interface for all 4 lasers

Key Applications:

  • Wide-field and fluorescence microscopy:
  • Flow cytometry
  • Food sorting and inspection
  • Medical applications
  • Metrology

The MatchBox Combiner includes up to four wavelengths, with output to multi-mode fiber or free space. This ultra-compact Wavelength Combiner, in the standard MatchBox housing, offers alignment-free operation. A classical diode/mirror combining technique is used in combination with proprietary micro-optics to make this system both economical and compact. Individual wavelengths are controlled through an easy to use PC interface. Each unit within the series combines wavelengths into a MM output fiber. The Matchbox combiner individual wavelengths are controlled through an easy to use PC interface allowing full control.

MatchBox Combiner: Applications

The Matchbox Combiner is suitable for applications in Life Sciences, Food sorting, Medical applications and Metrology.

Custom Solutions

If an off-the-shelf Wavelength Combiner does not meet your specifications, ProPhotonix will work with you and Integrated Optics to develop a custom solution for you. Contact us at sales@prophotonix.com

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