ProPhotonix offers a range of laser assemblies and laser collimators delivering the output you need from your system. Designed for high-volume, low-cost applications whether it is a fiber pigtailed laser diode or one of our laser diode collimators, ProPhotonix laser assemblies offer high quality, reliable solutions in a range of wavelengths and output powers.

ProPhotonix has a well-established fiber coupling capability and offers a range of compact and robust fiber-pigtailed laser diodes for applications from telecommunications to medical equipment, sensors, and scientific analysis.

A wide range of laser diode collimators are available, depending on your application needs. Choose from Micro Laser Diode Collimators, Miniature Laser Diode Collimators and Laser Diode Collimators for applications ranging from barcode scanning to targeting applications and industrial alignment.

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Our Range of Laser Assemblies:

  • Fiber Pigtailed Laser Diodes

    Compact and robust Fiber Pigtailed Laser Diodes at wavelengths from 635nm to 1550nm coupled into single-mode or multi-mode optical fibers.

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  • Laser Diode Collimators

    Laser diode collimators are available at 635nm, 670nm and 780nm with collimated output powers of 0.9mW or 3mW. These collimators offer bore sighting of <2.0°.

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  • Miniature Laser Diode Collimators

    With a maximum boresight error of 0.05°, this 650nm miniature laser diode collimator is specifically designed for applications requiring very high beam alignment accuracy.

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  • Micro Laser Diode Collimators

    The 650nm micro laser diode collimator measures a tiny 4.5mm in diameter with a length of only 8mm. It offers a high bore sighting accuracy of <0.2°.

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