Custom UVC LED System

UVC LED Disinfection Systems offer distinct advantages over traditional technologies.

UVC LED Systems offer a more environmentally friendly solution with low power consumption from a more compact lamp. LED technology offers users greater control with instant on/off and pulsing options to suit application needs. UVC LED lamps can also provide light at a fixed wavelength and with a custom UVC solution, the wavelength, form factor and control options can all be optimized to your application.

UVC LED System Applications

UVC LED systems can address applications such as water, surface and air disinfection in:

  • Medical and Laboratory
  • Packaging Materials
  • Industrial Applications
  • Food Processing Applications

UVC - Wavelength and Irradiance

Wavelength and Irradiance are critical to the performance of UVC LED Systems. While 260nm light is the most effective to kill harmful microorganisms via molecular lesions of DNA and RNA, disinfection can occur more efficiently at different wavelengths via different disinfection mechanisms such as cell wall degradation. When designing UVC LED systems, optimum wavelength selection should also take into account intensity and dose as well as cost-efficiency.

Why ProPhotonix?

ProPhotonix has an established, flexible supply chain of LED manufacturers providing access to the full range of commercially available UVC LEDs. In addition, ProPhotonix can design and manufacture LED arrays from bare LED chips utilizing Chip-on-Board LED technology or surface mount LEDs and use any substrate. The combination of excellent supply chain access with LED capabilities and expertise ensures the optimum LED light engine for your specific application.

ProPhotonix has more than 25 years of experience in delivering application-specific LED Systems for OEMs including 15 years delivering UV LED solutions. Our in-house team includes Optical, Electrical, Software, and Mechanical Engineers experienced in developing optical and thermal management systems to maximize irradiance while maintaining reliability and lifetime.

ProPhotonix Customer Solution Process

At ProPhotonix, we start by working with you to develop a complete understanding of the application needs. We will assess wavelength requirements and provide tester products where available.  Our in-house team of engineers will configure a solution or develop a customized solution to suit your needs providing prototypes in the shortest possible time. Our goal is to provide the optimum solution for your specific application.  To discuss your application, contact us.

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LED Expertise

With more than 25 years of experience, ProPhotonix has the expertise to balance wavelength, reliability and lifetime requirements to optimize your application.

Full Solution Provider

An experienced design team will take you from concept to completion, working within your budget, timelines, and performance requirements.

Partnership Approach

We work in partnership with our customers developing long term relationships and progressive generations of products with responsive technical & customer support throughout.


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