Extremely Bright and Uniform LED Line Lights

ProPhotonix designs and manufactures a wide range of LED Line Lights configurable to suit almost any application. All of our line lights offer high intensity illumination and excellent uniformity ensuring that the system performs consistently and reliably in even the most challenging of applications.

Our LED Line Lights are ideally suited to line scan and web inspection of a host of materials and products, including paper, foil, metal, road surfaces, PCBs and semiconductors.

LED Line Lights

  • COBRA MultiSpec

    Offering up to 12 wavelengths in a compact form factor.

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  • COBRA HyperSpec

    Hyperspectral Tunable Illumination for Optimal Image Acquisition including visible and IR, SWIR and custom options.

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    Provides uniform multispectral light. Available with any 3 wavelengths.

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  • COBRA Max

    Extremely uniform line light delivers up to 3120kLux without strobing in the same compact, modular design as COBRA Slim.

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  • COBRA Slim

    A compact, extremely bright & uniform LED line light with a modular design. Can be built to any length. Up to 1500 kLux of uniform light (CW).

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  • COBRA Flex

    The brightness and uniformity of the COBRA Slim Series in a flexible form factor. Ideal for applications where space is restricted.

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  • SpecBright Line Light

    Compact and powerful LED machine vision illumination offering uniform light up to 50kLux at 100mm.

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