Lasers provide many advantages in tire manufacturing across a range of applications. Bright, visible laser modules provide guidance for human or automated processes in positioning applications while structured light lasers enable tire analysis utilizing 3D measurement and profiling techniques.

Lasers for Positioning in the Tire Industry

Bright, visible lasers provide a very effective light source for illuminating dark objects and materials like black rubber making them ideal for use in the tire industry. Line generating, grid array, and spot lasers are used by tire manufacturers for positioning applications.

ProPhotonix offers a wide range of compact, plug and play laser modules including multiple form factors, wavelengths, and output powers ideal for positioning applications.   These robust, reliable lasers offer excellent optical alignment in a range of line, spot, and other diffractive options. See our range of Industrial Lasers for more information.

3D Measurement Lasers for Tire Profiling

Lasers also enable functions beyond positioning with Structured Light lasers enabling tire analysis during the production process. In conjunction with industrial cameras, structured light lasers enable quality inspections such as 2D and 3D tire tread depth measurement and profiling.  They can also be used for reading text and codes on the tire sidewall.  In these applications, the systems record distortions in the light as the tire or tread material passes.

Uniformity of the lasers is critical in these applications as any non-uniformity will affect the accuracy of the overall system. ProPhotonix offers compact, configurable lasers ideally suited to 3D imaging applications. The 3D PRO Lasers series includes multiple form factors, adjustable focus options and can be configured with a wide range of wavelengths, powers, and uniformity levels to provide a high-performance, cost-effective solution for the application. The PROdigii digital laser module has integral thermal management as well as digital control and provides an excellent solution for 3D measurement in high ambient light or temperature conditions.

For more information on Structured Light Lasers, visit the page.

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