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Whether you are looking for high-quality off-the-shelf laser diode modules or configurable machine vision lighting, or have an application-specific need that requires a custom LED solution or laser module, ProPhotonix has the expertise to meet all your illumination requirements. Throughout the past two decades, our in-house team of experienced mechanical, optical, electronic, thermal, and software engineers have partnered with customers to identify and develop solutions for a wide variety of applications including machine vision and manufacturing, UV curing, medical equipment, and security systems.

We take an application-centered approach to solution identification that is based on forming close working relationships with customers that we evolve throughout the product lifecycle. Each engagement begins by working together to define requirements and determine if an off-the-shelf solution exists or if some level of configuration, customization, or a custom solution is needed. From here, ProPhotonix engineers identify the optimal solution. Ultimately, customers are highly successful with the resulting illumination solutions because of our unique combination of experience, rigorous quality standards, excellent supplier relationships, ability to control the manufacturing processes from start to finish, and our commitment to providing ongoing support.

Determining the Right Solution to Meet Your Application Needs



    Work together to define application needs and requirements



    Conduct a review of our standard products to determine the level of configuration needed or if a custom solution is necessary to meet requirements



    Deliver a demo, or develop a prototype where needed, and work with customers to test options and create the optimal solution that maximizes system performance



    Agree upon an ideal solution and either ship products or document the production process and start manufacturing custom products



    Ensure success after products are received by providing direct access to our team of knowledgeable and responsive support engineers

Expertise Built Over Two Decades of LED and Laser Experience

With our depth and breadth of experience in all aspects of LED and laser module design and development, our expertise becomes your expertise when you partner with ProPhotonix for your illumination needs. For customers looking to explore laser diode options, our 25+ years’ experience as both a supplier and integrator will help you select the right laser diode for your specific application.

For applications requiring some level of configuration or an entirely custom solution, we have the optical, mechanical, thermal, software, and electronic expertise needed to balance performance, quality and safety requirements, lifetime reliability, and cost to meet all your specifications. For custom solutions, we also have extensive experience working with industry-standard design tools to model and prototype the best optical system for your application-specific needs – all in-house. And, because we have designed illumination solutions for decades, we leverage our extensive design bank to bring each product to market in the shortest time.

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Designed and Manufactured to Solve Your Application Needs

With our multidisciplinary expertise in mechanical, optical, electronic, and software engineering, our experienced team will partner with you to identify and configure the right off-the-shelf module or tackle the most challenging illumination requirements to create the ideal custom solution. To ensure we provide exactly what is needed, and exclude unnecessary components or functionality that may increase costs, we start each customer engagement by discussing requirements and determining which solution path to take – off-the-shelf, a configurable standard product, or custom.

From here, we work with customers to demonstrate that the selected solution will meet requirements, iterate on the design as necessary, and then produce the final product – all while adhering to the identified project budget and timeline. As a result, customers can be confident their illumination solution investment will not only maximize performance, but it will ultimately improve quality, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

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Benefit from Our Strong Supplier Relationships

Taking a partnership approach to working with suppliers is also a key differentiator for us. Throughout the past two decades, we have formed strong relationships with many suppliers, which translates into several competitive advantages for customers. First, since we consistently work with many suppliers, we are always up to date with the latest LED and laser technologies. Second, these long-standing relationships help us source cutting-edge components for configurable and custom products at competitive prices.

Third, we often have the opportunity to take our supplier relationships one step further by interacting directly with engineers and R&D staff at many laser diode manufacturing facilities. As a result of these relationships, we can offer early access to new laser diodes and more detailed technical information on specific diode performance aspects to help you select the best laser diode to meet your application needs.

Responsive Support from a Knowledgeable Team

Whether we are producing a high- or low-volume run of an OEM solution or supplying a customer with our standard products, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality illumination solutions built to function reliably for their entire lifetime. This is why our customer partnerships do not stop when a product ships. From providing assistance with product configuration to offering training advice to virtually troubleshooting issues for operations in remote locations, we offer all our customers direct access to our team of knowledgeable and responsive support engineers. By making our team available after our solutions are deployed, our customers can be confident they can count on us to make their current application successful.

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