LED Lights for Multispectral Imaging

ProPhotonix offers high-quality multispectral LED lights specifically designed to meet your multispectral imaging needs. From sorting and grading of food and recyclable materials right through to large-scale currency inspection, the COBRA MultiSpec is configurable to your application needs.

Incorporating a range of key features, COBRA™ MultiSpec multispectral LED line light has been designed by experienced engineers for deployment in a range of multispectral applications.

Accelerate Line Speed

In today’s production environment, line speed is critical. When deploying a Multispectral Imaging system, you want to acquire the image of a product on your line as quickly as possible. And like any machine vision application, the more light you have, the faster the image gets captured. Faster image acquisition can mean an accelerated line speed. Our COBRA MultiSpec LED line light solution recognizes the importance of speed in your application and has been developed to help you meet production targets on time, every time.

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Boost Wavelength Power

Different wavelengths will allow you to identify features of interest in your product. Once you know what wavelength is required for a specific task or application, our COBRA MultiSpec LED line light solution can be configured to get the requisite power at those wavelengths. This flexibility is not possible with a halogen source. At ProPhotonix, we understand that you want to maximize the contrast in the image captured and we can enable this through boosting the power at those wavelengths.

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Reduce Overall System Cost

Unlike its halogen counterpart, the use of LEDs can essentially give your application more light when it’s needed the most. This can allow the use of a monochromatic camera which can be used to rapidly capture signals to form a color image. As it is significantly less expensive than a multispectral or hyperspectral camera, and will be working in tandem with a more efficient power source in LED, the overall system cost is reduced.

Avoid Downtime with Proven Longevity

Traditional sources of light often have suboptimal lifespans and in manufacturing environments, that can mean unnecessary downtime. The same lighting can also generate a high percentage of the power as heat in the illumination process. And this can lead to damaged or impacted products and interrupted production lines. As LED technology is typically far more efficient at producing light than traditional lighting technology, our COBRA MultiSpec LED line light solution can deliver the same power with less heat generated.

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Be up and running fast with an easy-to-use GUI

With COBRA MultiSpec, an intuitive interface allows complete control over product functionality and capability. Built-in tools enable you to adjust setup, orientation, acquisition time, and the working distance. The flexible nature of our COBRA MultiSpec LED line light means it can be adjusted to suit whatever setup is required. Its easy-to-install management software comes as default and is engineered to ensure our product will work seamlessly across a range of different scenarios.

Premium Product for Multispectral Imaging Applications

COBRA MultiSpec LED line light

Offering up to 12 wavelengths in a compact form factor, COBRA™ MultiSpec multispectral LED line light has been designed to deliver tunable multispectral light allowing you to optimize image acquisition.

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