With a spectral range from 400nm to 1000nm

New Hyperspectral LED Line Light

Our new Hyperspectral LED Line Light is built on award winning COBRA technology. Choose up to 12 wavelengths across the visible to near-IR spectrum, from 365nm to 1700 nm.

Fully tunable illumination for optimal imaging

COBRA MultiSpec LED Line Light

The award winning COBRA Multispec Line Light is a fully tunable and broad illumination solution. Configurable for up to 12 wavelengths the COBRA Multispec can provide you with optimal lighting across a variety of hyperspectral or multispectral applications. Our intuitive interface enables precise control and maximized intensity at the optimal ratio.

Lasers and 3D Measurement Systems aid in Rail Inspection

Lasers for Rail Inspection

Bright and uniform lasers play a critical role in rail inspection, ensuring quick and efficient inspection for defects and wear damage in tracks, wheels, and pantograph systems. ProPhotonix developed a custom laser solution for a wheel wear status monitoring and control system, providing accurate and real time information to drive preventative maintenance actions.

Laser Diode Modules Overview

Sales Director David McGuinness describes ProPhotonix line of laser diode modules. ProPhotonix offers a wide range of laser diode modules, from compact sizes such as 8mm in diameter up to larger packages such as industrial laser diode modules. ProPhotonix supply laser diode modules for use in applications such as laser therapy, alignment applications, industrial alignment and many more.

COBRA Slim LED Line Light

This video describes one of ProPhotonix LED Line Lights, COBRA Slim. ProPhotonix COBRA series can be used as a fully integrated LED illumination system that could involve thousands of LEDs

ProPhotonix in-house pick and place capability - Chip on Board LED Manufacturing

ProPhotonix’ in-house “pick & place” capabilities allow us to design and place LED chips in custom patterns to maximize intensity, uniformity and lifetime in the lamps while minimizing form factor and cost.

Area, Ring and Spot Chip On Board LED Lights

This video looks at ProPhotonix range of SpecBright LED area, ring, spot and line lights. ProPhotonix offers chip on board LED packaging. ProPhotonix chip on board LED lights can be used in applications such as semiconductor, life science and machine vision.

LED Line Lights for Machine Vision

Director of Technology, Simon Stanley, explains how ProPhotonix addresses line scan applications. ProPhotonix offers a range of line scan products. ProPhotonix COBRA series can be used in machine vision applications. The COBRA series can be configured in any length from 100mm up to 5 meters. LOTUS is another product offered by ProPhotonix, this can also be used in line scan applications.

Machine Vision Lighting Solutions

ProPhotonix designs and manufactures a full range of LED and Laser solutions for machine vision lighting applications including lines can, 3D Imaging and 3D measurement applications. The ProPhotonix SpecBright range is used in industrial imaging, machine vision and many other applications

RGB Chip On Board LED array

RGB Chip-on-Board LED from ProPhotonix

ProPhotonix Chip On Board LED Manufacturing

ProPhotonix works with LEDs in their most fundamental form. This video shows the wire bonding of LEDs to the substrate to create a high-density array.


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