Ondax Laser Diodes

Semiconductor Laser Diodes available from ProPhotonix

High-Quality Laser Diodes including Ushio, Osram, Panasonic, QSI and Ondax.

With this broad product range, we offer laser diodes with a wide selection of wavelengths, power outputs and package types to address a wide range of applications.

Blue, Red, Violet and Near-Infrared Laser Diodes from Ushio




Green and Blue Laser diodes from Osram



Red and Near- IR laser diodes from QSI




Red and Infrared Laser Diodes from Panasonic




Stabilized, Blue, Red and Near-infrared laser diodes


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Need a Mechanical Part for your Laser Diode Assembly?

ProPhotonix has in-house CNC machining facilities and can support you further with your laser requirements, supplying components for your laser diode assembly. Benefit from access to our team’s extensive expertise in the manufacture of precision components to the very tight tolerances required for optoelectronic assemblies. Components up to 32mm in diameter can be produced using a wide range of metals and plastics and a number of different surface treatments including anodizing and plating are available. State-of-the-art measurement equipment allows for testing, data capture, and reporting to meet your specific requirements. 

With quantities from single-piece prototypes to tens of thousands of production parts, available cost-effectively and at short lead times, enquire about components for your laser assembly today. 

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25 Years of Laser Diode Expertise

As both a laser diode supplier and integrator for more than 25 years, ProPhotonix has unique expertise to support you in your application.

Laser Diodes Available from Stock

ProPhotonix offers a wide range of laser diodes available from stock for immediate shipping.

Expert Technical Support

Providing knowledgeable technical support on laser diode specification to optimize your application as well as advice on other elements of your system.


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