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Covid-19 has led to a rapid development in the use of UVC LED technology for air disinfection. Aerosol transmission is now widely accepted as the principal way that COVID‐19 is spread, and the importance of ventilation, both natural and mechanical, is widely understood. This has driven a need for safer and more efficient air disinfection, particularly in high traffic areas such as airports, hospitals and theatres.

Airborne microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and mold can jeopardize people’s health, contaminate raw materials, and cause food to spoil. Disinfecting air in the supply air ducts ensures reduction of microorganisms for the long term.

However, air conditioning systems are designed for comfort, and cannot achieve the level of air changes recommended for airborne infection control. SARS‐CoV‐2 and other microorganisms are highly susceptible to UV, that has been shown to safely, quietly, effectively and economically produce the equivalent of 10 to 20 or more air changes per hour under real life conditions.

UVC LED technology offers a safe and sustainable approach to air disinfection. The UVC LEDs turn on as the air passes through which facilitates a longer lifeline and lower running costs. This is compared to mercury lamps which cannot be turned on and off and so degrade at a quicker rate.

The use of LEDs allows for a more flexible design customized to your specification while also delivering high performance results over a long lifetime. ProPhotonix provides a range of compact UVC LED disinfection solutions in a number of wavelengths and form factors.


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COBRA Clean Fx1

The COBRA Clean FX1 was developed as an evaluation solution for testing and rapid development of UVC LED based disinfection systems. It is an compact, fan cooled evaluation lamp that comes in a number of form factors and configurations. It is available at 265nm, 275nm, 285nm and 310nm.

It is a great starting point for companies looking to define specific criteria required for their UVC LED air disinfection requirements.  Compact high-power LEDs provide increased flexibility over customized design and output depending on your application. Once the specification has been determined ProPhotonix can work in partnership with you to develop reliable, long lasting,  high-power solution.

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UVC-LED technology is still at an early stage of development. However, it has already delivered significant results in a number of novel and traditional applications.

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