Laser Diode Modules 101

This post explains the fundamentals of laser diode modules, the options available to you when specifying a module and the benefits of choosing a laser diode module.

What is a Laser Diode Module?

Fundamentally, a laser diode module incorporates a laser diode, a lens, drive electronics, and module housing.


Laser Diode Module Output

All laser diode modules contain a collimating or focusing lens. The position of this lens determines the beam characteristics i.e. whether the beam is convergent (focused), collimated, or divergent. Depending on the output required the module may also contain additional lenses or diffractive optics. Options include elliptical spots, circular spots, line, uniform line, and crosshair profiles. Beam profile selection is generally specific to your application.


Laser Diode Module Output


Laser Diode Module Housing

Laser diode module housing is critical as it protects the components of the laser. Many options are available, both in terms of form factor and the finish of the laser module housing. ProPhotonix offers a wide range of form factors from the 8mm, Compact Laser diode modules to the larger TEC laser modules for applications where temperature control is critical.


Laser Diode Modules Drive Electronics

Standard laser module drive electronics are designed to give a specified output from the laser diode. TTL options are also available with speeds up to 1MHz.


Why Choose a Laser Diode Module?

Selecting a laser diode module provides a “plug and play” solution for your application requirements. This complete solution provides easy set-up and system integration without the need for optical or electronic expertise.

ProPhotonix offers a wide range of configurable laser diode modules. Go to the Laser Diode Modules page, to view the full range available. With its in-house team of optical, mechanical, and electronic engineers, ProPhotonix also offers extremely cost-effective custom solutions for a wide range of specific application requirements. For advice on laser diode modules to suit your application requirements, contact us.

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