Industrial Robotics

Robot-based automation is widely used in industrial applications for guidance, materials handling, assembly, packaging, pick and place and much more. Robots are ubiquitous across food, automotive, agriculture, pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace, defense and security industries. These robots need highly accurate, robust and reliable machine vision to navigate their working space, avoid obstacles and collaborate with humans.  

Lasers are used in robotic vison systems for remote sensing. LIDAR is used to measure the distance in an arc around a robot. When combined with laser technology, robotic precision and accuracy enhances worker safety, and increases overall production output while reducing waste and operating costs. 

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Robotic Guidance

Machine vision lighting systems used for robotic guidance pose complex challenges such as unidentified moving objects, highly reflective surfaces in the workspace, poor lighting conditions or occlusions. Laser modules coupled with cameras or sensors provide vision capabilities to a machine enabling it to move with high accuracy and high repeatability. Laser modules can be configured in conjunction with a camera and software for mapping, localization and obstacle detection. Laser supported robotic guidance can either be 2D or 3D, with 2D robotic guidance used for contactless identification and positioning and 3D robotic guidance applied to data processing for high precision and large object identification. 

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Obstacle Detection

A laser-based obstacle detection system uses a laser projecting a wide fan angle line onto the floor in front of the robot. If there is no obstacle, an unbroken straight line reflects off the floor. When there is an obstacle, the line is distorted, and the camera and software detect it, causing the robot to stop or move around it. Industrial laser modules enable these systems to be accurate, fast, and reliable even in changing lighting conditions allowing output power, pulse duration, and pulse frequency to be adjusted as well as monitoring the laser’s performance. 

Discover Laser Modules for Robotics

  • Digital Compact Laser

    This exceptionally compact, high-performance laser offers digital monitoring, excellent boresighting for high accuracy and ease of integration into robotic systems.

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  • Industrial Laser Modules

    The robust Industrial Laser Modules are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh conditions making them ideal for the robotics industry.

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  • Photon Laser Modules

    The Photon laser module range is compact and self-contained with an optional 25mm flange to allow for easier mounting onto guidance systems.

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Advanced Manufacturing

As advanced manufacturing enters the realm of Industry 4.0, laser systems are playing an increasingly important role. This new era of manufacturing is characterized by the use of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and autonomy. 

Advanced manufacturing is being heavily used in automotive, medical device, composite manufacturing, laser machining and welding industries. From cutting metals and fabrics with unparalleled accuracy, to marking tracking codes for industrial traceability, to welding metals with high precision, ProPhotonix’s Industrial laser modules are versatile tools that can be implemented in various processes. 

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Automated Visual Inspection

Automated visual inspection systems are capable of defect detection, high-accuracy measurements, pattern matching, color verification, blob analysis, character recognition, and much more. Visual inspection laser modules need to be compact and robust, with high precision and easy integration to boost system performance. 

Photon laser modules provide an ideal solution for a wide range of applications including industrial alignment, positioning, industrial inspection and logistics applications. ProPhotonix’ laser diode modules offer elliptical or circular beams and adjustable optics that can be customized to increase usability based on visual inspection system requirements. 

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Case Study

Machine Vision in Order Fulfillment

A distribution center needed an obstacle detection system to reduce shipping times, maximize inventory turns, and lower costs. It was important for the system to be able to send a signal to the central control system upon detection to immediately stop the robot, and then find an alternative route to minimize downtime. ProPhotonix worked with the OEM to help develop order fulfillment robots by designing a custom, compact, robust 808nm laser module. 

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Photonic products by Prophotonix

Custom Laser Solutions for Robotics

With more than two decades of experience, ProPhotonix is the supplier of choice for OEMs seeking to enhance the performance of their laser-based systems. With our extensive experience, we are proud to offer a range of solutions that can be readily deployed, easily customized, or specifically designed to cater to robotics-specific requirements of every customer. To learn more, visit the custom OEM laser modules page.

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