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Industrial sorting and grading

Industrial Sorting and Grading Solutions

ProPhotonix provides LED & laser solutions for your sorting needs.

LEDs and Lasers are widely used in sorting systems allowing accurate detection of flaws and analysis of items from fruit to timber. Based on the detection of defects, vision systems will reject defective products and grade the remaining product. LEDs and lasers are the most commonly used light sources for these applications because the long lifetimes, reliability and stable output that these sources offer ensure repeatable performance, higher throughput and lower maintenance.


Common applications of sorting systems include sorting and grading of food products, timber and recycling material. Lasers and LED lighting are also used in mail sorting systems which use OCR (Optical Character Recognition)  to vastly improve the speed of the sorting process.

In the Food & Beverage industry, food sorting and inspection systems are used as quality control systems on lines handling fresh, frozen or processed food. Produce is fed into the system on a conveyor belt, where it is illuminated and inspected by a high speed line scan camera system. Defects such as black spots and mould, as well as foreign objects such as stones and insects are detected, and rejected from the system by a powerful airblast. Typically, illumination in many different wavelengths is required to detect defects and foreign bodies of different colors and textures.

Product Range

ProPhotonix provides a range of products suited to sorting applications and can offer customized solutions for specific application needs.

3D PRO™ Laser diode modules are designed specifically for machine vision applications such as sorting and offer excellent uniformity along with easy installation.

COBRA™ Slim LED Line scan Illuminator's slim form factor, modular design and range of options is ideal for a wide range of sorting applications.