Machine Vision Lighting FAQs Part 1

This post is the first in a series on machine vision lighting FAQs. The posts in this series will outline the key questions to be considered by vision system designers when selecting the optimum machine vision lighting for their system. In this post, we will discuss the importance of wavelength and intensity.

What Wavelength does my application require?

The first consideration when specifying machine vision lighting should be the color of the illumination required. This will be determined by the camera type, the optical properties of the target material and the features of interest. Vision system designers will be able to select the color of machine vision lighting by understanding these factors.

It is worth noting that specific wavelength selection can lead to significant improvements in vision system efficiency and effectiveness. For this reason, it is recommended a wavelength study is carried out prior to selecting a machine vision light. Should you require support, our experienced team of applications engineers are available to help you in this process should you require help. At ProPhotonix, we have the facilities to quickly test different wavelengths with your material to better understand the potential that optimum wavelength selection offers for your application. If you would prefer to test the material in situ, we also offer demo products free of charge to allow you to do so.

What Intensity does my application require?

Intensity or power level of illumination is also critical in machine vision lighting. Why? The intensity of illumination directly relates to the speed of your vision system. Essentially, more light allows the camera to capture the required photons faster (faster exposure times), allowing for reduced image processing times and therefore a faster vision system. This, in turn, results in more throughput.

When determining the optimum intensity for your machine vision lighting there are many considerations, as high intensity improves your vision system results, but also increases the cost of your illuminator. When determining the optimum intensity for your vision system, accurate machine vision lighting datasheets are important. As part of our commitment to quality products, ProPhotonix offers some of the most comprehensive datasheets on the market. You can download datasheets for all of our products from our document library.

Machine Vision Lighting Support

Wavelength and intensity are critical considerations in machine vision lighting and offer the potential to increase your throughput. If you need support in optimizing your lighting contact our team at For more information on machine vision lighting FAQs, look out for our next blog post.

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