A much higher packing density

Chip-on-Board LED technology describes the mounting of a bare LED chip in direct contact with the substrate to produce LED arrays. It is a method of LED packaging which has a number of advantages over traditional surface mount technologies such as the use of “T-pack” and Surface mount LEDs.

Due to the small size of the LED chip, Chip-on-Board technology allows for a much higher packing density than surface mount technology. This results in higher intensity & greater uniformity for the user.

LED Chip on board
chip on board led



The figure below illustrates the differences in the number of LEDs that can be placed on a 10X10mm square and the resulting power output of the array.

chip on board leds


As you can see, by using Chip-On-Board (COB) technology, the number of LEDs is 38 times higher than T-Pack technology and 8.5 times higher than surface mount technology, improving the brightness significantly.

ProPhotonix works with customers in diverse industries to design and produce custom chip-on-board LED solutions from LED arrays to complete turnkey solutions.


The advantages of Chip-on-Board LED arrays include:

  • Compactness due to small size of chip
  • High-Intensity, particularly at close distance
  • High-Uniformity, even at close working distances
  • Superior Thermal Performance for better lifetime, stability and reliability



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