How Machine Vision Lighting Can Optimize Your Throughput

Ensuring you have optimum illumination in terms of quality, speed, safety and cost is essential if you are to detect defects quickly and easily, thereby improving your processing times and throughput.

The importance of quality

Quality, is undoubtedly the most critical factor and it’s achieved by utilizing a high-quality machine vision lighting system. When selecting the correct wavelength, it’s important to note that the spectral response of camera systems differ, and so all sections of the spectrum should be considered.

The angle of illumination is equally vital given that the way light is reflected will vary greatly depending on the object in question’s shape, material and surface structure. Whichever angle is chosen, the light source must be both uniform and intense in order to deliver a clearer image.

The need for speed

Most ProPhotonix products are designed using Chip-on-Board (COB) technologies, which result in a higher intensity and enable systems to be run at higher speeds. Likewise, enhancing the contrast will aid vision systems in distinguishing a clear signal in the captured image. This in turn results in faster processing times.

A reduction in line downtime will be seen with the use of LED-based light sources as they offer a longer lifetime and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional light sources. The lifetime can further be extended through the ability to control the intensity of the LEDs. Flexible, LED-based lighting sources can also offer significant advantages in terms of changeover times.

A matter of safety

Safety features are required to be included in LED product designs, and ProPhotonix carefully considers all options. Various precautions have been built into our products using a combination of electronics, optics and software.

Consider the cost

Focusing on machine vision lighting early in the procurement process will be beneficial. Doing so may reveal that a high-performance, customized lighting system that can deliver a better dynamic range and intensity is the most appropriate choice, especially given the potential for productivity gains.

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