Tunable, MultiSpectral LED Line Light with up to 12 wavelengths

COBRA™ MultiSpec multispectral LED line light has been designed to deliver tunable multispectral light allowing you to optimize your image acquisition. Offering discrete control of up to twelve wavelengths from 365 to 1500nm.

nanosecond pulsed laser by Prophotonix

Key Features:

  • Available with up to 12 wavelengths
  • Four independent strobe lines
  • Chip-On-Board: extreme brightness and high uniformity
  • Modular: available in any length up to 3 meters
  • On-board Ethernet control
  • Input Power Monitoring


Options Available:

  • Custom strobe profiles
  • Factory-set strobe profiles
  • Custom number of strobe lines


Key Applications:

  • Print inspection
  • Food Sorting
  • Recycling Sorting
  • Currency inspection
  • Multispectral Imaging
  • Hyperspectral Imaging

Multispectral Tunable Illumination for Optimal Image Acquisition

COBRA MultiSpec’s tunable multispectral light lets you maximize contrast by choosing the optimum colors and vary the intensity at those wavelengths specific to your applications needs. COBRA MultiSpec also offers field adjustable optics allowing you to select the optimum lens position for your application.


Wavelengths from 365 to 1500nm

UV, Visible & IR wavelengths are available along with a wide range of optical options to ensure the optimum illumination for your application. COBRA MultiSpec is available in wavelengths from 365 – 1500nm and available in configurations from two to twelve wavelengths in a compact form factor.


Precise Control

COBRA MultiSpec offers users precise control of the light via Ethernet IP commands for optimal light emission at each wavelength. To enable rapid data acquisition and analysis, multispectral strobe patterns with up to four optically independent strobe lines come as standard with a total delay and response time profile of less than 1 µs.


Chip-on-Board LED Technology

COBRA MultiSpec utilizes Chip-on-Board LED technology to ensure extreme brightness and excellent uniformity.  COBRA MultiSpec is modular and is available in any length up to 3 meters.


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New Whitepaper: Illumination in Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging

For more information on multispectral and hyperspectral imaging, download our new whitepaper:

In recent years, multispectral and hyperspectral imaging has advanced rapidly into new applications and the technology required is now becoming more affordable in both the laboratory and the production environment. This whitepaper discusses key illumination considerations for spectral imaging.

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