Configurable across a continuous broad spectrum

The COBRA HyperSpec offers hyperspectral tunable illumination for optimal image acquisition. Discrete control of up to 12 different wavelengths allows for the creation of a broad spectrum with excellent uniformity and high-quality imaging. Hyperspectral imaging requires specific wavelength selection in order to generate a broad and homogenous spectrum of light.  The COBRA HyperSpec offers high-resolution illumination across a broad spectrum by utilizing customizable chip-on-board technology. LEDs can be boosted at any wavelength to optimize for any application.  Users can discretely control up to twelve different wavelengths. This allows for balancing intensities, matching a camera’s sensitivity curve or countering for light deficiencies with a camera sensor thus providing a continuous broad spectrum.

Three standard configurations are now available – Visible (400-700nm), Visible-IR (400-1000nm), and SWIR (950-1750nm); but customer-specific variations are always considered as well.

For applications covering an extended spectrum, the COBRA HyperSpec can be developed in configurations of up to twelve wavelengths from 365nm –1950nm, and the spectral output balanced to any customer-specified camera.

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Key Features:

  • New Hyperspectral Visible (400nm-700nm), Hyperspectral SWIR (950-1750nm) as well as Visible and IR (400-1000nm)
  • Standard Wavelength Configurations as well as Custom Options
  • Extreme Brightness and High Uniformity
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Modular: available in any length up to 6 meters
  • Integrated Strobe and Ethernet Control
  • Up to Four Independent Strobe Lines
  • Input Power Monitoring and Error Detection

Key Applications:

  • High-Quality Finished Goods Inspection
  • Print inspection
  • Food Sorting, Grading, and Analysis
  • Material Inspection
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Sorting of Recyclable Material
  • SWIR Hyperspectral Imaging Applications

New COBRA HyperSpec Visible

The latest addition to the COBRA HyperSpec range focuses exclusively on the visible band between 400nm and 700nm. Demonstrating a broad, flat, and fuller spectrum, the COBRA HyperSpec Visible provides an ideal solution for a wide range of color inspection applications such as color integrity and surface finish inspections. This new visible hyperspectral line light delivers a superior solution to standard white phosphor-converted LED lights since these sources typically exhibit limited coverage across the visible spectral range. COBRA HyperSpec Visible can enable critical color inspection for quality control in the manufacturing of a wide range of products from high-end consumer goods, to automotive to printed materials such as wallpaper and packaging. The new visible-only COBRA HyperSpec (400nm–700nm) demonstrates exceptional color rendering.

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COBRA HyperSpec Visible-IR

The COBRA HyperSpec Visible-IR has a spectrum well matched to most color cameras from leading camera manufacturers such as Specim, JAI, Teledyne Dalsa and Basler or any hyperspectral line scan camera operating in the visible to near-infrared spectrum.

Each wavelength has different efficiencies so LEDs of different wavelengths should be driven at different currents in order to achieve low peak-to-valley ratios and a broad spectral band. The COBRA HyperSpec Visible-IR can allow for a flatter, camera-weighted spectrum (see black line on chart opposite), which can be simulated when taking into account the camera’s spectral response. The Visible-IR configuration has been designed and balanced to compensate for the sensitivity curve of machine vision cameras utilizing the latest SONY IMX174 Sensor.


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COBRA HyperSpec SWIR Line Light

The COBRA HyperSpec SWIR, with 11 wavelengths from 950nm to 1750nm, provides an ideal solution for any analysis requiring SWIR hyperspectral lighting for image acquisition.

The COBRA HyperSpec SWIR offers a fuller and flatter spectrum allowing users the flexibility to work over the entire spectral range and providing a market-leading signal-to-noise ratio across the entire spectrum. The COBRA platform utilizes adjustable optics, specifically suited to the SWIR spectrum, which guarantees best-in-class spectral uniformity and coupled with a variety of diffuser options, the line light has the flexibility to be used across a wide variety of applications.

The SWIR hyperspectral line light is configurable to your application needs and with more than two decades of experience developing machine vision lighting for specific applications, ProPhotonix is well-positioned to help you get the most from your SWIR hyperspectral imaging application.

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Uniformity and Strobe Capability across a Broad Spectrum

To enable rapid data acquisition and analysis, COBRA HyperSpec’s exceptional integrated strobe capability allows multispectral strobe patterns to be configured, and up to four optically independent strobe lines pulsed either simultaneously or sequentially with a combined delay and response time of less than one microsecond (1μs).

UV, Visible & IR wavelengths are available along with a wide range of optical options to ensure the optimum illumination for your application. COBRA HyperSpec is available in wavelengths from 365nm – 1950nm and available in configurations from two to twelve wavelengths in a compact form factor.


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Built on the established, reliable COBRA platform

Like the established and reliable COBRA Slim and Cobra Max platforms the COBRA HyperSpec utilizes Chip-on-Board LED technology to maximize brightness and ensure uniformity. The COBRA HyperSpec has been designed to deliver hyperspectral tunable illumination and the user-friendly GUI allows system designers to optimize the spectrum to maximize contrast in their application and maximize intensity at that ratio. COBRA HyperSpec is modular and is available in any length up to 6 meters.

Configurable to application needs

COBRA HyperSpec is configurable to your application needs. To configure your COBRA HyperSpec and download a CAD model in your chosen format, click the button below.

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COBRA™ HyperSpec

Hyperspectral LED Line Light

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COBRA HyperSpec Customized to your Application Needs

If you have a requirement that is not met by the standard COBRA HyperSpec, ProPhotonix can customize the product to meet your application needs. Example customizations include:

  • Optical customizations: diffusers, polarizers, or custom lenses
  • Electronic customizations: strobable and CW electronics
  • Mechanical customizations: connectors, extrusions, mounting plates, cable lengths, and cable types (to suit cleanroom environments, for example.)

To see how we can work with you to customize your COBRA HyperSpec, contact us.

Custom Hyperspectral Lights

If your application requires a custom hyperspectral light, ProPhotonix can partner with you to develop a light that meets every aspect of your specification. With more than two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing machine vision lights and an in-house team of Optical, Mechanical, and Electronic engineers, ProPhotonix is well-placed to support you in developing a custom hyperspectral light for your application. Learn more on our Custom LED Solutions page or Contact Us.

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New Whitepaper: 

Multispectral and Hyperspectral Lighting for the Food & Beverage Industry

With ever increasing quality, traceability and safety requirements in the food and beverage industry, more and more businesses are looking toward vision systems to help improve their efficiencies and overall performance. The rapid improvements in multispectral and hyperspectral imaging technologies, coupled with reduced component costs, has enabled a wider range of applications to benefit from LED technology. In applications such as food and beverage inspection, sorting, grading and analysis; optimized multispectral and hyperspectral lighting is enabling greater efficiencies and accuracy, higher inspection rates, increased throughput and improved quality over traditional technologies.

For more information on multispectral and hyperspectral lighting or the food and beverage industry download our new whitepaper.

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