Compact, High-Intensity UV LED Curing System delivering up to 6.4W/cm2

Designed to maximize intensity and dose, COBRA Cure FX1 Max offers up to 20% higher intensity than the COBRA Cure FX1 from the same compact form factor.

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Key Features

  • Compact, Fan-Cooled, UV LED Curing System
  • Delivers Intensities of up to 6.4W/cm2
  • Provides a Maximum Dose of 7.8 J/cm2 at 2mm
  • Field replaceable window option
  • Linear Intensity Control Options
  • UL, CE and IEC certified

Key Applications

  • UV Curing of :
    • Inks
    • Coatings
    • Adhesives
  • 3D Printing
UV Curing lamp

Compact Form Factor + High Intensity & Dose

With COBRA Cure FX1 Max, ProPhotonix has utilized its expertise in Chip-on-Board LED array design and packaging to deliver the optimum solution for applications where space is restricted but higher intensity and dose levels are also required. COBRA Cure FX1 Max delivers intensities up to 6.4W/cm² and a factory set dose of up to 7.8J/cm².

In-house LED Light Engine Design & Manufacturing

ProPhotonix builds the light engine used to power the COBRA Cure FX series in-house and has engineered each step of the design and manufacturing process to ensure that intensity, dose, as well as lifetime, are maximized in the COBRA Cure FX1 Max.



All the benefits of a UV LED Curing System

Built on the COBRA Cure FX platform, this latest innovation offers all the benefits of a UV LED Curing System: improved lifetimes, reduced maintenance costs, energy savings and with no ozone, offers a more sustainable solution than traditional technologies.

COBRA Cure FX1 Max offers an ideal solution for UV curing of inks, coatings and adhesives as well as 3D printing applications.

The COBRA Cure FX Series has been designed with multiple mounting options allowing the lamps to be set to the optimum working distance for the application. The COBRA Cure FX1 has been independently IEC, CE and UL certified.

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Market Leading Product Performance

UV LED Curing Systems are designed and built to deliver maximum performance throughout the lifetime of the products.

Flexibility to Adapt to Your Needs

We take a long-term view of customer relationships supporting you from concept to completion as well as with day to day business needs.

A Complete Solution Provider

We take a long-term view of customer relationships supporting you from concept to completion as well as with day to day business needs.

Need help to optimize for your application?

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