Laser Diode Modules for Robotic Guidance

ProPhotonix recently announced that is has now delivered more than 100,000 custom laser diode modules designed for robotic guidance applications. This post will discuss some of the requirements of laser modules for robotic guidance applications with a specific focus on the importance of optics and lifetimes. The post will also outline the advantages of partnering with an experienced laser module manufacturer, such as ProPhotonix, when specifying a laser module for robotic guidance applications.

Robotic Guidance Application Requirements

Robotic guidance is the term used for autonomous mobile robots employing vision systems for obstacle detection. These systems utilize laser modules in combination with sensors or cameras to direct and redirect a robot. To minimize the size of the overall system, it is essential that the laser diode modules are compact. Robustness is also critical as the laser must perform reliably in a mobile system. In these types of applications, there are often a number of demanding requirements of the laser beam to ensure successful obstacle detection. ProPhotonix’ ability to customize laser modules to specific applications, combined with years of experience in optical design, enables the company to tailor laser modules to achieve the required output.


Lifetime in laser diode modules for obstacle detection is an important consideration as replacing laser diode modules in the field can result in downtime and be costly. All of ProPhotonix’ laser diode module designs maximize lifetime. The unique experience gained in over two decades of working with laser diode technology allows the company to ensure that ProPhotonix laser modules perform consistently and reliably.

ProPhotonix Experience

As a laser diode supplier, as well as a laser module manufacturer, ProPhotonix expertise in laser diode technology is exceptional and allows the design teams to quickly match laser diodes to your specification. In addition, ProPhotonix’ flexible in-house manufacturing allow for speedy development processes and tolerances that would not be achieved elsewhere. To find out more about cost-effective custom laser diode modules Download the brochureContact us

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