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UV Laser Solutions

UV Laser Solutions

ProPhotonix is the ideal partner for your UV Laser solution from UV laser diode modules for applications such as particle analysis to high power UV Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode Modules arrays.

ProPhotonix produces a series of laser diode modules for a wide range of applications. These compact modules are available with a selection of optical outputs (elliptical beams, lines and crosses) and customizable for ease of integration into your system.

Why chose ProPhotonix for your UV Laser Application?

  • Benefit from 15 years of experience in UV lasers

    We have a broad range of configurable products used as a starting point for your custom design, allowing faster product-to-market design cycle.

  • Access the latest in laser diode technology

    As a supplier of premium UV Laser Diodes, ProPhotonix works directly with the engineers and R&D departments of the major laser diode manufacturers, giving you access to the latest in UV laser diode technology

  • Design expertise

    ProPhotonix has a dedicated team of highly qualified optical, mechanical & electronic engineers ready to design and manufacture the ideal UV laser solution for you.

  • Fast Prototypes and volume production

    Our in- house prototype facility enables rapid prototyping of your solution plus our large inventory of laser diodes ensures a fast prototype to you.

  • Benefit from seamless transition from prototype to manufacturing

    ProPhotonix’ engineering team will see your solution through to high volume manufacturing to your tight specification.

  • Ensure quality UV laser modules

    Precision optical alignment is assured with our in-house production of components allowing tight control of tolerances.

UV Fiber Coupled Laser Solutions

With over fifteen years experience in photonics, ProPhotonix is the ideal partner for UV fiber-coupled laser diode modules. Our custom-designed fiber- coupled Laser Modules are:
  • Robust
  • Optically efficient with high precision
  • Designed to maximize lifetime
  • Tailored to your application with a range of optical outputs
  • Designed to be field-replaceable
UV Fiber Coupled Laser Module

UV Fiber Coupled Laser Application Example

A customer from the printing industry required a 64-channel array of high power, 405nm fiber coupled laser modules each with an output power of 200mW. The outputs must be in a one dimensional array forming rectangular shaped outputs (10µm x 5µm) with a pitch of 20µm between each rectangular spot. Due to the high powers involved, the lasers were placed in a custom water-cooled heat sink to ensure the laser diode, located in each laser module housing, were maintained to within 1°C to meet the customer’s operational requirements and extend the laser modules lifetime. Another key requirement of the customer was that the laser modules had to be easily replaceable. ProPhotonix achieved this using a simple quick-release system for setting the laser modules in the heat sink and providing low loss, high environmental protection connectors at the fiber ends.

Photon Laser Diode Modules

Structured Light Lasers

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